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If you refuse to love me completely, do not love me at all. I deserve a love that is equal to the love I give others and well, anything less than that just isn’t worth it.

At some point what we had might have been powerful but right now it’s only holding me back. I’ve grown tired and well, it’s time for me to move on. As the days continue to pass, I will find someone who works for me.

Please, stop being upset this isn’t necessarily your fault. Perhaps you did love me all you could or you were far more damaged than you wanted to admit. There is no need to keep trying when we’ve done all of this already. We are just not going to work and it’s time to move on.

Just like the seasons, we all change and that is something we must be willing to accept. What I once was is not who I am and perhaps even I am not who you thought you fell for way back then. If you love me completely, there will be no question about your heart and where it lies. I will know that you are the one for me and I for you.

Let go of me and stop holding on so tightly. If we were meant for each other, things would have worked out by now. All the emotions swelling up inside me would not be there right now, and we would be so much happier. It takes two to make things work and I could tell awhile back that you just weren’t willing to put in the effort anymore.

Don’t stick around because you don’t know how to be single or you’re not aware of where to go. I have to move on and so do you. Holding onto what we once had will only make us feel more stuck in the end. We both deserve to be loved fully and if we aren’t getting that from each other, we shouldn’t be trying to stay by each other’s side.

We are not promised tomorrow, this moment is all we have. Make the most of the time before you and love like there is no day coming once this one ends. I promise you will thank me later. The best things in life are worth really fighting for. If this love isn’t the one, find another and keep trying.