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Sometimes when it comes to twin flames things just don’t work out. While in some lives you might be together it won’t always be that way.

When we find our twin only for him or her to run in the end we are not being broken apart while it may feel like it, we are being provided with an opportunity to heal yourself in more ways than you would be able to otherwise. Twin flames are not always going to be able to stick together sometimes there are things that each part of the flame must do before coming back together for good. When a twin runs, it’s not for lack of love it is because there is something within them that they must first face.

When a twin leaves you it hurts more than anything I can find the words to describe but it is something that triggers emotions you’ve had locked inside. It gives you the chance to allow the positive to reign over the negative. It forces you to grow and learn in order to move on. Twins don’t run because they don’t love you or because you’ve done something wrong. They run because their afraid and have too much going on in their own minds.

When you are faced with a running twin flame you shouldn’t close yourself off. You should take a deep breath and free yourself. You should remind yourself that no matter what this life brings challenge wise, that person is still your twin and you are still connected regardless. Dedicate yourself to your own healing and growth. Begin moving down your life path as the universe intended for you to do.

Don’t blame your twin for leaving you or running from you. They are not doing this to hurt you they are doing this to heal themselves and through that, you will also be healing yourself. Your twin is your mirror after all. What changes do you need to make and where can you work on within your being to make things better?

Just because you cannot see the bigger picture just yet doesn’t mean that it is not there. When we leave our twins side we are triggering something within that we need to happen. It is through the pain that we are able to resolve the problems of our pasts. While this might be hard to hear it is important to know. For more information please check out the video below.

(Image Via: Louis Dyer)