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When it comes to the idea of being with or finding a soulmate we are overwhelmed with emotion, and it is something that is not easily described. When it comes to being with your soulmate everything makes sense, even when it doesn’t.

When you find your soulmate you just know, that’s the only way I can think to explain it. It is an instant connection. This person comes in and swoops you up, they fit perfectly into your life. This is a person you cannot fathom life without. This person has the ability to build you up or break you down.

This love is pure and strong, it is fierce and overwhelming. It consumes you both and you feel as if everything that has ever bothered you never mattered in the first place. Your life is complete and you are the happiest you have ever been or will ever be.

For some people, this person is their lifelong partner and for others, fate has something else in mind. Not all of us are meant to be with our soulmates, sometimes when it comes to love, being in it isn’t enough. Letting go of a soulmate is one of the hardest things you may ever have to do in this life.

It will hurt, even years later you will still feel the sting. Letting go means you are forced to ignore the one person who makes you happiest in life. Letting go means not waking up beside your shining sun day in and day out. This person is your best friend, your whole world but everyone has a breaking point and things happen in life, sometimes things we cannot control.

You know this better than anyone else. You are forced to treat the person you know through and through like a stranger, this person will no longer talk to you. In letting go you are accepting defeat. This is crushing and gut-wrenching, it will tear you apart. You will have to start over, you will be forced to forget in time. Things will be so much more difficult than they were before. You will wish you had never met one another in the first place.

So much left unsaid. From this point on your life and theirs will run parallel, but they will no longer meet, your journey will not collide with theirs. However, just because the relationship has ended does not mean the feelings have. You can never stop loving your soulmate. Losing your soulmate is a painful lesson to learn.

It will teach you that sometimes swallowing the whole pill is hard, but it needs to be done, it will teach you that sometimes love can be something that holds you back rather than something that moves you forward in life. A love that is meant to be will be, the loss you feel will fade in time, you will learn things about yourself you never thought you would.

Eventually, you will find someone to fill that hole, they will love you. They will hold you when you cry. Moving on will make you stronger, moving on will allow you to travel to places in life you never thought you would. You will find someone who chooses not to break you, do not give up.