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If you’re someone who is diving down the rabbit hole that is potentially your past lives, you need to be aware that we don’t remember these things for a reason. Because we’ve seen this world so many times, we hold memories locked away too heavy for our current selves to truly take in properly.

There are lots of ways those seeking things from their past lives can dive into exactly that but none of them are as easy as they might sound. One of the best means for this I have found is through using a magic mirror. Now, before we dive into all of this keep in mind any mirror can be a magic mirror but you need to work to cleanse the mirror and the room around you before doing anything with it.

In order to do this cleanse the room and the mirror itself. For that, I like to use sage and smudge everything but also using saltwater I dip my fingers into it and place a few drops on the mirror clarifying my intent the whole time out loud. This sets the best mood for moving forward in my eyes.

Now, from here you will need to sit where you can see the mirror and really look into it all the while really working to clear your mind and focus solely on connecting with yourself but manifested in previous lives. Using the same saltwater you touched the mirror with also add a drop to your forehead where your third eye would be. This should help open things up and again, remember the make sure throughout this you’re keeping the intent as it should be.

Your intent needs to be facing your past lives and seeing who you were before you became who you are now. Now, getting into this ask the mirror to show you something through your third eye. You can ask literally anything but make sure the first question is something simple and that your mind is truly open to all that is to come. I for one might begin with ‘What color shirt did I wear on Tuesday (if it’s a Thursday)?’ This pulls you back but not far, from here the mirror will know that it is going backward and from there you can really dive into things.

Once you’ve managed to backtrack a good bit ask the mirror about your most recent previous life. I like to ask things like ‘in my most recent previous life what was my favorite color?’ and from there move into things like ‘what did I look like’ and so forth. For some, this will be seen as if a play is being done within their heads or they’re watching a movie of someone else living through their lives, and for others, it might be flashes of specific things.

When I do this I often see flashes of certain colors, images, and things of the sort. For example, when asked where I lived in my most recent past life I was given the image within my mind of a nice little cottage that while a bit run down was very familiar to me. This was my previous home and while my mirror did not tell me where this place was, it showed me enough to make me aware.

Don’t be disappointed if your first try with this isn’t as intense as you might want it to be. Things like this take time and you have to be really open to them for them to work properly. As you work on yourself things will become more and more effective, don’t give up.