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Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that can be quite intense. It essentially boils down to unstable moods, unstable relationships and so much more.

People with this disorder have trouble regulating their emotions and it leads to extreme highs and crippling lows. Usually, their private lives are full of turmoil. Other disorders can also exist along with this one and that makes things even worse, to say the least.

If you don’t have this disorder, chances are, you won’t be able to properly understand it. It is so much more than words can explain. It is constantly avoiding the idea of real or even imagined abandonment and it is a persistent unstable of self-image. You feel like you’re battling another person on the inside and it is almost an unwinnable battle.

This disorder is full of contradicting traits and can make someone very irrational. There are tons of articles out there on how to deal with someone close to you who has this disorder but to be honest most of them are complex and many won’t respond to such universal options. People with this disorder can be draining, but they are also still very amazing. Their ups will literally make you feel like you are on top of the world, but their downs will have you walking on eggshells and can come out of nowhere.

Sure, they are difficult, but they aren’t impossible. To be honest, it is hard to love someone with BPD, but it is not something I would change for the world. People with BPD do lots of things unintentionally and yes in some cases medication can actually make things worse but once you find something that works it will feel like that person you love is truly able to be themselves finally.

Everyone deserves love, but for some, the person with BPD is a bit too much and that is fine. Not everyone is a perfect match for the person they want to be with. Please take the time to check out the videos below and remember, just because someone has a mental illness doesn’t mean they can’t find love. Living with BPD is not easy and but it does get better.

In the end, the Universe will send someone our way who will understand us all for who we are. Your illness does not define you and neither does anyone else’s. BPD is not a sentence to hell, it is an illness that someday will be worked through. Make the most of your good days.

(Image Via: Return of Kings)