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As we move through 2020 things are getting more and more frustrating but don’t worry, we’re about to face a serious reset. On August 8th the Lion’s Gate Portal will finally be open and with the energies will be pouring over all of us. 

The energies this portal brings are often quite intense and for some can feel like a lot. While you shouldn’t be too overwhelmed, don’t close yourself off from the things to come. This portal is all about activation and when it opens up we are all given the chance to grow more than we would otherwise. 

This portal opens up every year on this day because it is the eighth day of the eighth month of the year. It is in many ways an alignment that we’ve been working towards for weeks now. Every since the end of July, this gate has been working it’s way open. Even now it is cracked quite wide and inching more and more as time passes. Chances are if you’re energy sensitive you may already be feeling the effects of this portal opening on some level.

Ask-Angels wrote on their website as follows about these up and coming energies:

The Leo energy is the perfect stage to anchor the ascension codes and energies of higher consciousness broadcast through the star Sirius and through the Great Central Sun.

When this alignment happens, there is an intense surge of light which awakens DNA, activates the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.

Light codes of ascension, mastery, and evolution from Sirius pour towards Earth, sometimes called the Spiritual Sun, aligning yet another level of activation and opportunity for progression on the ascension path.

The Lions Gateway energy is all about more fully awakening your Divine Light and embodying Divinity within a physical form.

The Leo energy that we’re all experiencing (regardless of your personal zodiac sign) is associated with royalty, and so this alignment can be seen as awakening the royal codes of higher living which are available for all.

This gateway creates an incredible period of accelerated ascension… And this year, amidst the already potent waves of change and transformation, it’s supercharged…

As this gateway’s true opening date is upon us we should all be more willing to slow down and relax. The things before us can wait, right now we need to take all of this in properly. Let these energies lift up your vibrations and help you to better understand the path before you. I know, things might be a bit confusing, but they are not something you are unable to face properly.

When it comes to numerology the number 8 itself is a powerful one. This number is one that holds great balance and works hard to bring forth harmony. As soon as this gateways is fully open it will be working for the next couple of weeks to close itself and as a result, we do not have much time to make what we can of the energies it brings.

To learn more about this mind-blowing portal and all it holds for us check out the video below. This is not something to be afraid of, things are going to be looking up more than you might comprehend right now. The sky is the limit when it comes to energies like this.