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If you are a lightworker chances are you have been feeling quite out of place in recent times. There is a lot going on in the energetic world and you need to be aware of those things.

During this time you really need to let these energies work for you. As this kind of shift occurs activation will become quite clear. We are all so small when things are truly broken down. Each wave that comes forth is going to really push us toward something amazing. As long as we keep our eyes open and our minds ready the possibilities are truly endless.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that these quantum upgrades might be affecting you. Do not let these things overwhelm you, but do try to allow them to shift your perception. The flow of energy through our chakras is currently increasing and in this as long as blockages do not occur we are in for a wild experience. We cannot truly explain the upgrades before us but we can feel the energies surrounding them and those energies are extremely positive as you may have noticed.

11 Signs You Are Experiencing Quantum Upgrades:

1. You are much more sensitive than normal.

During this time you will be feeling as if the energies around you are beating down on you. You are going to be much more sensitive than usual. While this will die down you will notice it for a while now.

2. You are becoming more mindful.

During this time you will notice an increase in mindfulness. You will want to stop and really spend some time taking in your surroundings. This is a period in which you should slow down.

3. You experience more synchronistic events.

The more you pay attention, the more you will notice that there are a lot of synchronistic events occurring in your life right now. Everything is falling into place and all coincidences have meaning. Everything is beginning to make more sense.

4. You struggle to ‘put on a happy face’ when around those who make you upset.

The things around you will start to feel as if they are bursting at the seams. Your true emotions will be coming forth in all situations. Hold still and see where this takes you.,

5. People seem to be more drawn to you.

You will notice a lot more people being drawn to you in the days to come. People will be coming up to you and telling you all kinds of things. While it might seem strange at first the more you get to know them the more sense it will make.

6. Your dreams become more vivid.

Your dreams are becoming much more vivid than they have been. You might notice that it seems someone or something is reaching out to you through your dreams. This is the Universe reaching out to you, and you better listen or you might miss something important.

7. You have more out of body experiences.

You might find yourself having more out of body experiences during this time. These can come in many forms and help us grow. Do not ignore these kinds of things, work with them and see what happens.

8. You feel more connected to the things around you.

As these upgrades commence you will become much more connected with the world around you. Things that you have not been able to make sense of before will begin making sense. While you might not be where you want to be, you are where you need to be.

9. You feel very out of place.

Things are beginning to seem overwhelming to you, and you feel energetically out of place. Do your best to ground yourself, because if you do everything will start to fall into place.

10. You are much more anxious than usual.

If you are feeling anxious then it is probably because of the overwhelming energies before you. They are resonating within your body and in that they are also making things more intense. This will pass, do not worry!

11. You feel the need to truly expand.

As these upgrades proceed you will be feeling the need to expand your consciousness. Let things unfold and grow! You will be surprised at the direction you end up going.