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Right now we’re beginning to see who our true friends are and who really never cared about us in the first place. While with technology and social media we are still connected, those who aren’t checking in are making quite clear whether they care or not. 

Life is short, and we should not be spending our time fussing over people who don’t want to be in our lives, to begin with. Even now, toxic people are present in the world and things we’re facing are bringing out the worst in some. If you’re fighting with someone all the time, and they refuse to take your wants or needs seriously, they don’t deserve to be around. 

The people who make us laugh and show us that they care are the people we should be focused the most on right now. Don’t let your infatuation for that boy who refuses to label things blind your judgment. You deserve better.

Below, I am going to go over some signs that perhaps the people in your close circle shouldn’t be there. At the end of the day, the company we keep affects us more than we may want to admit. If they’re only making things worse, don’t be afraid to leave them behind. 

6 Signs You Are Letting Toxic People Too Close:

1. They never want to help you, with anything.

You’re always helping them, but they’re never helping you. When they call you answer but when you call they leave the phone ringing until it goes to voicemail. This kind of one-sided relationship is never going to get you anywhere.

2. You never seem to get along.

You try hard to make this person happy, but nothing you do is good enough. They are only ever thinking of themselves, and that causes a lot of drama between the two of you. No one wants to keep letting drama build up in their lives.

3. They are constantly disrespecting you.

When someone in your life refuses to respect you and your boundaries, there is a clear issue. These kinds of people will never learn the lessons they need to learn. The more you allow them to do, the more they will continue to try and do. 

4. You’re not able to trust them.

People you cannot trust should never be in your inner circle, but if you find someone like this there get rid of them. You should make sure the people you keep the closest are people you know will be there for you when times are rough. If you can’t tell them your secrets without them blabbing, they’re not who you want them to be.

5. They leave you exhausted.

Because this person is always thinking of his or herself, you are often tired of being around them. Every time you spend time with them or talk to them, you need to recharge. The more you allow this to continue, the worse it’s going to get, period.

6. They make you into someone you’re not.

Don’t change yourself for anyone but yourself. Other people should help you better yourself, but not turn you into a shell of whom you once were. Only good friends will accept you for who you are.