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Tomorrow is not promised and when it comes to the people you spend your time with perhaps you should consider your company. If you’re surrounded by tons of people but none of them actually care about you, you’re really messing up. 

In this world, we deserve to build proper connections and to be loved correctly. Toxic people are everywhere, and they want to use us as often as they can. The more aware you are of toxic people the better you can work to avoid them. 

Sure, you might think someone has good intentions but if they’re not contributing to the friendship and only bringing you down, chances are you’re thinking wrong. You deserve to be in the presence of people who actually want to help you grow in life. People who care about you and who will be there when you need them. Those who leave you struggling time and time again are not doing you any good. 

Below I am going to go over some signs that may indicate you’re in the presence of toxic friends. If your friends are doing these things perhaps you should rethink who you call your friends and spend your time with. Not everyone who says they care actually does.

6 Signs You’re Letting Toxic People Too close:

1. You never seem to get along with one another.

This person or these people always seem to want to pick at you. Getting along is not easy and you both rarely ever agree on things. That is because arguing feeds into these kinds of people, they love it.

2. They’re always crossing your boundaries.

Toxic people do not care about your boundaries or limits. They will push you and push you as long as you allow it. The more you give the more they are going to take.

3. They are extremely jealous.

When you spend time with other people these kinds of people become very jealous. They might not always want to be with you but they don’t want you to be with other people. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

4. You feel as if you’re being disrespected.

Toxic people are very disrespectful. No matter what they say they still keep hurting you in the end. Your thoughts and opinions do not matter to these kinds of people.

5. You have to change who you are to please them.

You should never change who you are to please someone else but toxic people will try to convince you to do-so. They are always criticizing you and bringing you down. If you’re not who they want you to be they don’t want you around.

6. They leave you feeling quite exhausted after spending time together.

The more time you spend with these kinds of people the more drained you feel. They always take so much out of you and that’s happening for a reason. Your mind and body are working to make you aware of the toll this connection has on you.