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Narcissists are more abundant in this world than most people realize. The abuse they bring forth in our lives might not be visible to everyone but it has lasting effects on us as time passes.

Narcissistic abuse is in a way mostly emotional abuse and can come in a wide range of ways. If you are someone who seems to always attract narcissistic people when it comes to love, you need to be aware of this kind of abuse so that you can work to protect yourself from it. Narcissistic people are nowhere near as easy to deal with as we assume they would be and sometimes just cutting ties is not possible.

Below I am going to go over some things that we as human beings can do to protect ourselves from the abuse these people bring forth. The more effort you put into these things the better results you will end up finding. No one deserves to be treated badly and you should work to never forget that.

6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Narcissistic Abuse:

1. Listen to your intuition about people.

Sometimes our intuitive side makes things known to us that we otherwise wouldn’t pick up on. If your gut is making you feel as if something is wrong or someone is giving off a bad vibe don’t ignore it. Your intuitive side doesn’t just come out for no reason.

2. Learn to turn the other cheek.

Sometimes engaging with these kinds of people only makes things worse. While narcissists will say and do things to get you to react, the less you react the less they will mess with you. After a while, it will become clear that you’re not giving them what they want, and they will move on.

3. Know your worth above all else.

Remember how amazing you are and keep your worth in mind. You don’t deserve to be treated as anything ‘less than.’ If someone is doing things you’re not okay with, stop allowing them to do-so.

4. Be willing to look at things from the outside.

When someone is facing narcissistic abuse or something of the sort is can be hard to look from the outside but if you’re able to do this identifying the abuse becomes easier. Remove yourself from the situation as a whole and assess whether what’s happening is warranted or not.

5. Set clear boundaries with the narcissistic people you cannot completely cut ties with.

When it comes to dealing with narcissistic people making sure to set clear boundaries is important. When someone bringing you down, boundaries can help prevent that. While you won’t be able to cut ties with all of the narcissists around you (for different reasons) limiting your exposure to them can work wonders.

6. Do not allow drama or gossip within your life.

Stop feeding into drama and gossip. These things help fuel narcissists’ big time. If you remove these things from your life you’re cutting back in this regard on a huge level.