Now that Libra season is here, there will be some interesting things happening as time passes. Right now, Mars is retrograding, and well, Mercury will be going retrograde soon. 

Libra season, in general, holds intense energies and brings us all to a place where we’re more bottled up than we need to be. When Libra season comes forth each year we are all pushed into a wall so to speak, it brings energies that really bring balance but also help us to be more present in the moment. This for many of us is great because slowing down and really figuring out what we need in life isn’t easy. 

Libra season starts on the 22nd of September and continues into October ending on the 22nd. Mars began retrograding on September 9th and will be retrograding throughout Libra season as it doesn’t end until November. This retrograde working with the energies Libra season brings will help us work through our pasts and really face our desires as a whole. Sure, that might be confusing but overall, it can really help us find the patience we’re needing in our lives. 

Now, later on around the 14th of October Mercury will be going retrograding as well. This planet itself is one that brings a lot of chaos and tension which doesn’t go well with the energies of these other things, for sure. However, using them to reflect and challenge things within rather than just brush things off and try to get by could really change our lives. wrote as follows about Mercury’s up and coming retrograde:

Mercury stations retrograde on October 14 at 11°40 Scorpio, and it stations direct on November 3 at 25°54 Libra.

Of all the looping wandering journeys Mercury takes during its various retrogrades, its journey through Scorpio is the most relatively straight-forward and symmetric. In all the other loops, Mercury crosses the ecliptic before and after actual retrograde motion and makes a wide foray away from the ecliptic during the actual retrograde. Since Scorpio is the location of Mercury’s north node, this is one of only two signs (along with Taurus, the location of Mercury’s south node) where Mercury will actually cross the ecliptic plane while in retrograde motion.

Like a hiker traversing a mountain via a “switch-back” trail, Mercury does a zig-zag from below to above the ecliptic in this part of the zodiac—crossing the ecliptic near the middle. And although Mercury doesn’t cross right through the very heart of the sun this time (like last year’s “transit of Mercury”), Mercury is still much closer to the sun during this retrograde than most. So, this is still a rarer kind of Mercury retrograde, with a chance to zoom into something much more closely than usual. And since Scorpio is a water sign, this is often accompanied by deep penetrating emotional clarity. This year’s retrograde station is in the same degree as last year’s direct station, so this could mean that themes from last year’s retrograde carry through to this year—particularly for those with planets near 11-12° Scorpio.

While all of this might sound a bit ‘all over the place’ it is not going to bring things down too much. Within all of this chaos and through the slowing down we can all find ourselves in new ways. Sure, that might not be easy but it will really make a lot of changes for us all.

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