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While we will all be affected by Libra season in some way there are several signs that will be affected more than others. As of September 23rd Libra season is here and those of us who will be affected the most need to be aware.

Below I am going to go over the signs that will be affected the most and what they should be expecting. Libra season is all about bringing in the fruits of our labor and with that we will be getting a lot done. Don’t waste any of your time. If you belong to any of these signs, you might be going through some intense feelings right now.


Libra season is going to bring you to someone that feels like you have been neglecting them. This could be a romantic partner or a very close friend. You need to really reevaluate how you treat people and take the time to not be so overly hard working. Sometimes we all need a break and there is nothing wrong with that. Make time if you feel like it is important.


Libra season is going to bring you a lot of clarity. You have been feeling very out of it for the past few months and now things will begin making sense. You are going to be focusing your attention to the people who matter most in your life and taking them into consideration when it comes to your future. Sure, your future is yours to make whatever you wish out of it but you have to weigh things out above all else.


Libra season is going to bring you are going to be much more active than usual. You will be finding yourself in more ways than you ever thought you could. If you stick with this self-exploration something amazing will find you before things are all said and done.


Libra season is going to bring you will be facing a lot of room for growth at work and in your home life. You are going to be moving up in a lot of ways. Don’t be too worried about the things to come, all of your hard work is finally paying off.


Libra season is going to bring you towards a lot of inner turmoil. You will be finally letting your creative side show and it is going to be sparking a lot of questions. While it might be hard to step outside of your shell, doing so will mean something great. Be true to yourself and see how much further it takes you.