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Libra season is about to be here and well, that in itself shifts things quite a bit. If you’ve been calm and collected as of late, go ahead and prepare yourself for the unknown.

While we might not be able to spot the small changes right now that are coming our way or already before us, in time these changes will be quite easy to see. Libra season begins on September 22nd and will remain well into October as it ends on the 22nd of that month. Libra for those who do not know is the scales which means we all are going to get a healthy dose of balance which some of us have been needing for a while now.

Sure, this season can bring forth a lot of change and usually does but all in all it’s about finding the things you’re lacking and making up for them in healthy ways. I know, that might not always be as easy as we want it to be but if you try hard enough and work to allow the energies before you to flow through you rather than overwhelm you, it is possible. Libra season brings out a sense of peace within us all and really lets us see what we’ve been doing wrong so that we can make the changes we need to make in order to keep pushing forward. That in itself may be easy or it may be hard, it all depends on your path and the progress you’re making.

During Libra season we should be focusing on our love lives and really trying to step out of our comfort zones even if on some kind of small level. Letting your romantic side out and showing your feelings right now might be in your best interest as a whole. Sure, communicating isn’t always your strongest ability but the more you work at it the better you will get, that I can promise you.

Libra is a sign that we tend to think of as being a little all over the place all the while being quite emotional which if you think about it is a good thing. This year has been intense and the things we are able to do right now could help us shape how the rest of the year plays out. Showing the people you care about that you care for them all the while being able to take care of your own well-being cannot be a bad thing, can it?

Yes, we all have long roads ahead of us but we are walking down the right paths and the universe is guiding us whether we want to acknowledge that or not. We are learning things and moving in ways that we are meant to in order to learn the lessons this world needs us to learn. Trying your best right now to be fair and kind might come in handy more than anything else and well, things are going to be frustrating but they won’t be more than you can handle, you’re going to get through them.

Follow your heart but also be willing to listen to those who care about you. Life is crazy sometimes and we are all over the place lately. Judging others during Libra season is something you should avoid and if you want to make the most of the energies you’re feeling building up right now, you should probably try to forgive those you’ve been holding grudges against while you’ve got the chance. This season will finally present an opportunity before you to let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying and honestly, I suggest you take that chance before it’s gone.

Don’t fear Libra season, let the things that are going to happen, happen. You’ve got this and you will be just fine. Everything, in the end, will work out, believe in yourself.