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Have you ever thought about how Buddhist people manage to remain so positive and happy overall? Sure, it might seem like there isn’t much to it but honestly, there is.

The art of non-attachment in itself has a lot to do with this sense of happiness or overall positivity which to some might come across as quite confusing. In life, we face a lot of struggles but those struggles in many ways relate back to attachment. This meaning our attachment to things, places, and even people.

Being too attached to the things/people around you can cause a lot of turmoil within because it makes up cling to them. While letting go of that sense of attachment isn’t easy, it is something that will help all of us in some pretty enormous ways. While Buddhists have got this figured out quite well, your average person is going to need a good bit of time to really get this down pat. 

Now, in regards to working to overcome your attachments as a whole, you will need to meditate a lot over the concept itself. During this meditation, work to get to know yourself better and distance yourself from the things that are not serving you. Accept that attachment itself is not doing you any favors and that change is inevitable in this world. We cannot control that kind of thing and as a result, we must accept that some places will eventually no longer exist and some people will cut ties with us without us ever having done anything wrong.

We are all taking things one step at a time and working to accomplish all we can on our paths in this world. Just because you’re not happy about someone moving on, they are regardless of doing what they need to do in order to further their journey. The more you keep this in mind the less their distance will sting, that’s for sure.

While non-attachment itself will be uncomfortable and lonely for a little while the more you get used to it the easier it will become. You will soon understand why this kind of thing works and just what makes it so important. You can still care about the people around you and enjoy your things without being overly attached to them. Non-attachment doesn’t mean that you’re completely void of emotion in regards and you can still be sad when someone leaves within reason but you’re more-so compassionate towards yourself and your journey in this world.

For more information on non-attachment or letting go of attachment, in general, please check out the video below. What do you think about this concept? Do you think it could benefit you in your daily life? Things in this sense are not always what they seem and coming to terms with that will be quite beneficial. For more information on other Buddhist teachings click here, whether you’re Buddhist or not there are tons of things we can learn from those who follow them.