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While it might not always be easy, letting go is something we all have to do from time to time. The more you distance yourself from someone, the harder it becomes to really cut the ties that bind you.

Letting go isn’t something that you can do overnight and sometimes it takes a lot more than most would assume. You have to first put distance between yourself and that person and then begin to deal with the emotions that brings forth. Just because someone is toxic or hurts you, in general, doesn’t mean that moving on from them is going to be alright with your heart.

As someone who is trying hard to let go, you’re going to be holding onto that person in ways that others might not want to admit they understand. This is especially hard if you have a real history with the person you’re trying to move on from. You have to spend time thinking about things before you even cut those ties and well, nothing happens in the mere push of a button and that we need to let sink in.

Sometimes you’re going to find yourself wondering if you did something wrong or if there was more you could have done to make things play out differently. You’re going to be feeling as if perhaps that person could have changed or if maybe you were far harsher than you should have been. Before anything else, you will be in a lot of pain over letting go and you’ll have to accept that you’re better off without this person around.

In time, you will finally be able to fully let go and when that happens, you’re going to be feeling a lot more in charge of your own life. After all, you’ve given this person far more chances than they deserved, haven’t you? You can’t remain in their lives only to let them keep pushing you down and treating you like a punching bag.

Even while letting go you may find that you want to go back and make things right in your own ways or that you need some kind of closure. It’s important in moments like that you remain strong. Your life isn’t as complex as you’re making it out to be and you deserve to be happy.

While the person you’re trying to move on from might try to claw their way back into your life, that too is a stage you need to work through. You have to be strong within your own mind and realize that your life matters and your happiness is what you should be keeping an eye on. You don’t owe this person an explanation and in the end, you will be able to grow through moving on from them once all is said and done.