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I know, having to let go of someone you truly care about is a painful experience but its one that we sometimes must go through. You should never force yourself to stay in a toxic relationship.

Love is not enough to keep a relationship going, you have to be able to trust one another and know that you’re both being treated right. If you’re being abused in any way or you’re just not good fits for one another, there is no sense in sticking around in one another’s lives. You deserve a life that is full of people who are not afraid to show you they care in the ways you show them. Stop settling for less.

There will be people we come across in this world who are meant to show us what we should not allow in our lives and that’s just facts. If someone makes you into someone you’re not, stop feeding into things. Cut ties and move on so that you can get back to being the you that YOU know you should be. The more you expect from others the more disappointed you will be in all of this.

Sure, you might think you can save someone or fix someone but the truth is you can’t help those who do not want to be helped. You can try as hard as possible only to fall short every time because unless they want your help, they’re not going to be willing to take it. Toxic comes in a lot of different forms and sometimes realizing that breaks our hearts.

You are the only person who can break this cycle and set yourself free. It won’t be easy, nothing that matters in life ever is but you are capable. We are only human, and we all make mistakes but sometimes you have to choose your own wellbeing over allowing someone who makes more mistakes than they’re worth back into your life.

The more truthful you are with yourself the more apparent this will all become to you. As stressful and upsetting as it is, letting go of people is sometimes the right thing for us to do. Don’t think that means you have to give up the good memories you have of that person, you can hold onto those if you want. You could even forgive this person for the things they’ve done all while remaining at a distance.

Letting go of people is complicated at best, and we all do it in our own ways but the sooner you understand how important it is, the better. Don’t give someone else power over you or your life. Make sure the things you’re doing are being done because you want to do them not because you’re being pressured or you feel compelled to.

Don’t let others trick you into thinking your explanations for doing this are not good enough when you don’t owe them any kind of explanation at all in the first place. Live your life as you see fit and be true to yourself above all else. People will come and people will go, that is part of how this world works. Some of the people we let go of are good people who met us at the wrong time and others are perhaps more dangerous than we realize.

Know your worth and stop being so willing to give up on the things that matter in your life. You are always growing and in order to get to where you truly want and need to be you need to ensure that growth is happening in a positive manner. Stop letting other people push you one step forward only to pull you two steps back.