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Most of us have been there, we come home from work, go to sit down, and look around, suddenly feeling cluttered in our own home. We scramble to clear up just a little so we can relax, but suddenly, the burden of our belongings is clear.

This may sound dramatic, but even without being a hoarder, when items start becoming cluttered up in my home, it sends me into an internal panic. I want to rush to clear it all out and I start wondering “But where do I start?” Honestly, it doesn’t matter where I start, it only matters that I start.

With fresh fall weather surrounding me, I am starting to get that itch again. If you are too- and you want to clear out the clutter and start fresh, then the following tips should help you achieve your goal. Here are 10 things you can let go of to jump-start your decluttering journey.

1. Clothes that “I might wear one day.”

When decluttering, I like starting with my closets. Open your closet doors, and pull out each item. Ask yourself “Do I wear this regularly, or will I ever wear this?” If the answer is anything along the lines of “I might wear it, one day” throw it in a pile to donate.

2. Fridge clutter (old food, or nearly empty containers of sauces that should be long gone.)

Remove any rotten or old fruits or vegetables, old leftovers, flat cokes, and bottom of the container-year-old condiments. Clear out any questionable food, along with drinks. If there are any foods in the fridge that are still good, but you won’t likely eat- give them away.

3. Countertops & in-table clutter.

Going room by room, look at your countertops. Are they covered in clutter that is not useful? If there are items scattered that A. don’t fit the purpose of the room, or B. don’t get used, or C. are trash, THROW THEM OUT. Items that can be used can go to the donation pile, and items that are trashed should be thrown away.

4. Drawer clutter.

This is perhaps my most dreaded task, but honestly, once I get started, it becomes a kind of like a game. Throw out the trash, clean and move things that belong somewhere else, and donate or sell the items I don’t need.

5. Items that don’t serve a purpose in your home.

Each room in your home should have a function. For example, I have an extra bedroom, and its purpose is for crafting, storing my clothing, and for my work items. Think about the purpose of each space in your home. Let’s say your kitchen for example; its purpose would be cooking, feeding, and connecting with family. Items that don’t serve this purpose need to be removed from the area.

6. Junk.

We all have ‘junk’ areas in our home- drawers with no specific purpose, that are filled with random crap. Find that crap a home, either in the trash, a donation pile, or in a place where it can easily be found.

7. Emotional clutter.

I find myself becoming emotionally attached to some items in my home, even when the item itself isn’t sentimental. Keep the items most important, but take a picture of the rest and let it go.

8. Fear-based clutter.

“But someone could use that one day.” If you are holding onto items that you feel like someone ‘could’ use one day, give them to charity, or sell them. Regardless, if you aren’t using them, let them go!

9. Computer clutter.

From time to time, I like to go through my files and clear out excess pictures, documents I no longer need and programs I no longer use. Take a moment to go through your computer, and get rid of what is taking up space.

10. Car clutter.

It happens to the best of us, we go on a few trips in our vehicles, and we end up with straw wrappers, containers for new items we opened in our car, and other pieces of clutter we packed into our vehicle. Clear that mess out, and leave only what you need for the drive.