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Throughout each year we are supposed to learn many lessons, but sometimes we forget those lessons. Life is never easy, the universe brings us to different obstacles for a reason.

Below you will find a list of the things you should have learned in the past few years. Look for your sign and see what it holds for you. Did you learn these things or do you still have a ways to go?


Over the past few years, you have had far more downs than ups and with good reason. You have gone through a period of soul-searching and really became a better person because of it. You have been learning to trust yourself and your intuition in ways you have never been able to before. As you continue to progress things will only be getting better.


You have been learning for quite some time now that taking risks is something we all have to do. You have finally overcome your past and are working towards something special. You in recent times have learned to accept those around you for who they truly are instead of who you wanted them to be and this was a feat that took quite some time to accomplish.


Throughout these past few years, you’ve actually been doing pretty great. You have finally been embracing change as best you can and it has shown you a lot of things you never knew were possible. You have been able to focus more on work and really stick by those friends who proved themselves to you. Sure, last year was emotional but it was worth it, wasn’t it?


There is a reason why you’ve been so heartbroken for the past few years. The universe is pointing you in the right direction if you’d just listen. You are always giving too much and it is something you should have learned to stop doing by now. You’ve finally accepted reality for what it is, this is the next step.


You were supposed to really get over yourself in the past few years but it doesn’t seem you have. You should have overcome your ego at some point, have you? Life is going to be shaking you hard this year, listen to what it is telling you. You are going to be seeing things quite differently.


The past few years have been great for you. You have overcome just about everything the universe has brought your way. You learned how to find happiness from within and no longer seek it in others and you are okay with being alone when you need to be. Unlike the rest of the signs, you have things figured out to an extent.


You should have made lots of decisions in the past few years. These decisions were big. They could have been in regards to where you live or where you work but they really made a difference. This year is going to be one where you find someone to love but have to overcome the obstacles that come with it.


You have for quite some time now been frustrated. Every time you take one step forward it is like you take two back. The universe is teaching you to be patient and how to grow. Don’t waste too much time getting upset over things you cannot control.


You for a few years now have been learning that moving from place to place isn’t going to complete you. You’ve been learning how to see things as they are instead of how you want them to be. No one is sugar coating things for you now.


You have been reconnecting with the people closest to you this past year but before that, you were doing a lot of healing and thinking through where you have been and where you want to go. You have learned that in order to overcome obstacles sometimes we have to go through painful things.


You have somehow managed to learn that getting things done before having fun is important. You have become someone who works hard and strives to do and be better in life. This was a huge accomplishment for you.


In the past few years, things have been conflicted in your life. You have learned that sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed. You have learned to be more compassionate and to do better with others. It is as if you have found your passion after all of these years.