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Leo season begins on the 22nd of July and ends on the 22nd of August, this whole ordeal for most of us will be a very powerful experience. Sure, some signs won’t necessarily be very affected but depending on your natal chart and how energy-sensitive you are this could kick your creativity and drive into higher gear. You see, when the Sun is in Leo, we are all offered the chance to start something new and allow our true selves to shine more properly. wrote as follows for Leo season covering some of the energies we’re going to be seeing:

Full of optimism and enthusiasm, the Leo Sun reminds you that life is something you should revel in! See how you can make the most of this transit here:


Reach for the stars! Confident Leo doesn’t hold back, so now’s the time to go after what you want — whether it’s a relationship, a job, or a new project or adventure. Leo is strong, outgoing, and ambitious, and all this energy gives you an extra boost toward success.


Everything! Bold Leo is an expressive sign that doesn’t hold back anything. Whether you want to sing it or scream it, now ’s the time for all manner of creative, loving, and fearless expression.


The park. All work and no play makes Leo a dull Lion! Getting outside to run around, play, and soak up the Sun’s rays will rejuvenate your heart and spirit.


Go glam. Leos like attention, so put on your finest, most eye-catching threads and get yourself noticed! We’re talking lots of bright colors like red and hot pink, and be as daring as you like with cuts, patterns, and accessories.


Jewelry. Not only will a classy new piece of jewelry make you feel regal like the Lion, but you’ll also soak up all the compliments and comments you receive when you wear your prized new piece out on the town. (Hint: Leo’s color is gold!)


Arrogance. The energy of the Sun in Leo is sexy, showy, and self-assured, which can sometimes come across as vanity or arrogance. Be careful of being too overt or aggressive during this time.


Love! Leo rules the heart and lives to express itself, so you can expect lots of affection and attention while the Sun is warming up this romantic sign.

While we do need to be careful right now considering what the world is facing and how things are going overall, that doesn’t mean we cannot make the most of the energies before us. This Leo season is one for the books and we need to really let the lessons behind it sink in. As human beings for some reason, we tend to let other people squash our purpose and we should not be allowing that to happen, period.

When the Sun is in Leo we are all offered a deeper sense of self and much more willing to break free of the chains we’re bound by. We tend to be more demanding and willing to speak or needs more properly and well, it’s quite empowering if nothing else. As this Leo season continues, we have a lot of things to do if we want to truly get where we need to be. 

If you’re excited about Leo season, you’re not alone. This might for some be thought of as a period when obnoxious people come out to play but that’s not quite it, honestly. Leo season is a place of growth for us all and really brings us our of our shells. I for one love it.