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Our faces say a lot about us. We can learn just about anything in reason about another person by looking at their face and most of us aren’t even aware of this.

Very much like palm reading, face reading is a wonderful way to really understand someone, by taking things into account like the subtle lines and contours of our face. While there are many different types or styles of face reading the basics are for the most part the same. Face reading is also referred to as Physiognomy and could be considered as a form of art depending on the person.

The left side of the face represents the person’s character and temperament, whereas the right side of the face represents the person’s emotions and relationships. There are three main face shapes and then several not so common shapes. Below we are going to go over some of these, and I am going to help you better understand what they mean.

The Most Common Facial Shapes:

Round Face

People with round faces are usually more compassionate and generous. They are honest and considerate of others but can be a bit too soft-hearted. These people rarely ever wish harm on others.

Square Face

People with square faces are highly motivated and quite silly. They are often very popular with others and tend to be pretty smart overall. You will not find them in a bad mood often.

Oval Face

People with oval faces are a bit more goal-oriented than others. They tend to be shy and very self-conscious but are very talented individuals. They do stick to themselves for the most part but are also quite popular even despite that.

Now if you don’t quite think your face fits into any of those three face shapes click here to look at a more complete list. Some people will be able to mesh with more than one face shape and there is nothing wrong with that. Merely merge the two readings together and go from there.

Now when it comes to the different features of our faces they all represent something different. This is where things begin to get a bit tricky so please remember to be open-minded as we proceed. We will begin at the top of the head and end with the mouth.

Eyebrows: Thinking

The differences in our eyebrows represent the way in which we think. If you have really thick eyebrows you are a powerful thinker but if you have thin ones you are more focuses on fewer ideas. The shape, height, and thickness all matter when analyzing someone’s brows. If someone has high brows they are more patient and if they are low, the person is more impulsive.

Eyes: Worldview

Now when it comes to the eyes, they tell us how someone sees the world. They reveal things like openness, passiveness, and accuracy. IF someone has deep-set eyes they are most likely more laid back than other people. Also, the thicker the eyelid the more intimacy the person likes/wants.

Nose: Ambition/Connections

If someone has a large nose tip they are someone that plans everything out. The larger the nostrils the more money they like to spend. Neat, isn’t it? Even the length of the nose has something to say. Those with short noses are thought to be very hard workers.

Mouth: Emotions/Expression

If someone has a large mouth they are considered to be more social. Things like the lip thickness really seem to make a difference, if you have a thick top lip you are probably quite outspoken. People with thin lips are said to be quite secretive for some reason.

While you will most likely need to take these things with a grain of salt they are quite interesting when you really think about them. (While the video is in Hindi the subtitles are accurate and the video is overflowing with information). What does your face say about you?