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Laughter is important, especially when times are hard. Considering the things we’re facing right now, many of us are in desperate need of a good giggle.

As things continue to get worse we need to make sure we’re taking the time we need each day to be a little more on the lighthearted side. If you’re stuck at home with your family laughing together can make a big difference in all of this. Even in the worst moments, you can find things to laugh at and that should not be forgotten.

If you’ve been struggling to get your giggle on perhaps the list below could help you come up with things to do that might make you chuckle. I do these things quite often and they keep me cackling. Laughter should not be forgotten right now, it can and will be a huge tool in helping us get through these trying times.

6 Things To Do If You Need Help Finding Laughter:

1. Watch funny YouTube videos.

On YouTube, you can find funny compilation videos of just about anything. Type in the things you tend to laugh about the most and go at it. I cannot tell you how much time I spend watching funny compilations on YouTube.

2. Spend time with your kids or your pets.

If you have kids or pets chances are they’re going to do something that makes you laugh if you’re spending time with them. Both of these beings can be quite silly. I always laugh at how my dogs are and they definitely keep me on my toes.

3. Find a good ‘funny’ movie.

There are tons of new and old ‘funny’ movies out there. I recently watched several on Hulu and was rolling the whole time. While I am not a big movie person these days, binge-watching comedies from time to time will always be a great treat.

4. Reminisce about the past.

Talk to your partner or someone in your life about things that you both did in the past. Chances are you have some pretty hilarious memories that are worth digging back up. I could sit with my partner and laugh for hours over some things we’ve managed to get ourselves into throughout the years.

5. Find some good memes.

If you are the kind of person who loves a good meme chances are you’ll be able to find some now that will give you a good laugh. While some are a bit insensitive these days there are many worth bringing a chuckle forth. Memes are always a great means of lightening the mood.

6. Find a ‘funny’ podcast to listen to.

While it might not sound that interesting there are tons of silly podcasts out there. I tend to listen to the Ron Burgundy podcast quite often and it always has me laughing. Choose your poison and dive into it.