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December is the last month of the year, and we are already on day two. While this month in and of itself is an exciting and even bittersweet time, with winter, the holidays, and everything in between-on an astrological level, a LOT is going on.

For those who are wanting to navigate their way through the month as painlessly as possible, using an astrology forecast is a great way to stay on top of your game. Here are the astrological highlights of the month, enjoy.

December 3: Neptune Goes Direct in Pisces

For the past few months, Neptune has been retrograde. Thankfully, on December 3, this will come to an end as Neptune lands in Pisces. As Neptune goes direct, a major fog will begin to live, allowing us access to our imaginations, our dreams, and our spirit once more.

December 6: Mercury Enters Capricorn

For the next few weeks, Mercury will remain in Capricorn. This is good news because Mercury governs communication, and Capricorn is diligent and disciplined. The only caveat is that this could cause some to be too critical, or to say exactly what is on their mind without filter.

December 7: Full Moon in Gemini

The full moon in Gemini is perhaps a favorite of mine because it works to resolve the conflict between our souls and body. If you can find a way to mesh these two together so they can work in tandem, you can feel a strong sense of balance that will empower you throughout the rest of the month.

December 9: Venus Enters Capricorn

Venus rules over our relationships, and while it is in Capricorn, we will likely be able to see what matters in our relationships more than ever. If there are major problems to be tackled in your relationship, now is the time.

December 16: Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

Virgo adds a practical approach that allows us to understand what is working for us and what is not. Now is the time to let go of excess baggage.

December 18: Moon Enters Scorpio

Scorpio will push us to align ourselves perfectly with our intuition, so we can see the energies that are currently at play around us. Trust your gut during this time, especially if you have Scorpio energy deep in your chart.

December 20: Jupiter Enters Aries

This transit will impact us over the next year. As Jupiter is the planet of luck, you may feel re-energized to hurl yourself toward your biggest ambitions.

December 23: New Moon in Capricorn

Practical Capricorn paired with a new moon provides us with a unique opportunity to start anew on the right path. Get everything done on your to-do list, get your priorities in order and get yourself back on track right in time for the New Year.

December 29: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Capricorn

Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t have at least one retrograde, right? And who better to illuminate than Mercury? Under this energy, it is best to take some introspective time and look back on the past.