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We all have our own Kundalini energies locked within our bodies. While not everyone will awaken those energies, we are all capable of doing so.

The Kundalini is energy that lies at the base of our spines sitting within our bodies. It is dormant energy that rests like a coiled serpent until it is awakened. When we awaken this energy it flows upwards through the seven chakras. This energy in itself offers us a sense of expansion and through that, we can become more aware of who we are in this world.

In regards to awakening your Kundalini Yoga Journal wrote as follows:

For some, the experience can be blissful and filled with feelings of love and a sense of the interconnectedness of all things. For others, it can feel more like a bad drug trip, or even a psychotic break, where practitioners go through altered sleep cycles, changes in identity, or depression. This discrepancy has led many Westerners to fear the coiled serpent resting in their spine, ready to strike.

When we awaken our Kundalini usually we do so through yoga but you should also keep in mind that it can occur naturally or even in a spontaneous moment that brings forth initial overwhelm. Curled up within our Root chakra the Kundalini energy rises once it becomes awakened and it cleanses each chakra as it moves forward. This will bring forth balance and allow us a new creative outlet.

Once the Kundalini is awake you will be able to see the world in a different more expanded light. Perceptions will change and you will become more aligned with your highest and truest form. This concentration of awareness is truly something out of this world.

We are full of energy and when they all end up finding one another and becoming one it can be a lot to take in. You might become more physically inclined and perhaps in some ways uncomfortable until things take their course. This energy doesn’t just go away, it remains within you and flows as noted above, freely.

Gaia even noted this as a means of reaching true spiritual enlightenment. That being said not all of the symptoms associated with the awakening itself are easy to face. You might feel as if your life is not working properly and you may want to resist the awakening once it has begun for fear of where things will end up. This whole process is quite taxing in a number of ways.

To gain a proper and true understanding of the Kundalini as well as its path feel free to check out the video below. Once you’re ready to awaken your Kundalini take the steps noted within it. That being said, do not work towards it if it is not something you are willing to follow through with.

Once your Kundalini finally wakes up it cannot be stopped but you should keep in mind things will even out once all is said and done. It also does not happen overnight, this can for some take quite a long time. You are capable of more than you realize, do not sell yourself short.