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In this world, there are lots of different connections we can have. We can find our soulmates, our twin flames, and even karmic partners of all kinds.

While you hear a lot about soulmates and twin flames the truth is your chances of finding a true karmic partner are much higher than either of those. As we move through life we find karmic partners in some of the most peculiar places. Karmic partners for those who might not be aware are basically just people who come into our lives and change it forever. They are usually relationships that prepare and force us through a powerful and deep transformation.

The longer you’re in a karmic relationship the less worth it you’ll feel it is and the more painful it will become. Sure, there will be love present but that love is going to be some of the most difficult love you’ve ever had to go through. You might think you’ve found someone who is meant to be your partner forever only to learn that the lessons you’re meant to share with one another don’t last anywhere near that long.

In regards to karmic relationships Meet Mindful’s website wrote as follows:

Karmic relationships, on the other side of the coin, can be tumultuous and intense, and most times a long term partnership is not the best idea.

Rather, a karmic person is brought to us by the universe to be a total student/teacher role model. Whatever we dragged into this lifetime from previous relationships is surely mimicked in the karmic partner. It can be a roller coaster of a ride. It can have vast age differences. It can bring forth the worst in us at a time when we need to be vulnerable.

This kind of relationship usually lasts the shortest amount of time, and intimacy is not advised unless the karma has been completed and both partners are willing to be as raw and emotionally connected beyond the unfinished business. That is the premise of the karmic relationship: to finish the business of the soul. Once that happens, each partner is unbound and open to other areas of love and harmony.

Karmic partners hold a timeless sense of love and while that love won’t ever really die out, it can become hidden and the paths that these partners are placed on are never meant to last in close proximity. Once the soul has grown, cutting ties is inevitable. You just can’t count of these kinds of connections for a lifetime.

That being said, it’s not our fault we cannot differentiate these things offhand. They are far more complicated than our hearts allow us to see. Our souls work on levels we just cannot fully process. To learn more about karmic relationships, in general, please take the time to give the video below a watch. Spotting them isn’t as easy as we want it to be but if you look for the lessons and small changes within their energies and behaviors, it will begin to make sense to you sooner or later.

(Image Via: Pixabay)