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Karma is something that a lot of people do not understand on the level that they should. While we tend to realize that there are consequences for our actions, most of us do not factor in that those consequences can and will follow us into our next lives.

Karma is a very spiritual thing and even though you do not remember the wrongs you have done in your past lives, they are still chasing after you. You have to learn the lessons associated with them be it one way or another. When we accumulate a lot of negative karmic energy, we end up quite down in the dumps and struggling. Negative karma doesn’t just go away, it must be dealt with.

That being said, karmic disease in itself is a bit more in depth. Karmic diseases are often referred to as spiritual diseased, but they manifest in very physical ways. They force us to react and give us no chance to run. We have to respond to the illness properly or else, it will follow us for as long as it needs to. While some believe there is a point where these karmic diseases can go away, most believe the struggle to achieve that is far more of a hassle than facing things head on.

Edgar Cayce wrote as follows on his website regarding this topic:

There are many instances that would lead one naturally to assume that in a real karmic condition it would be fruitless to try to achieve a full return to normal.

However, there is always a point where karma ceases. Since it really is a debt, it can be paid off like any other debt. No written law states that the debt must be paid; however, the disease process ends with death of the physical body. So there is a point where karma ends – a place of spiritual understanding where the lessons are well taught and well learned. We might call this process “Where Karma Ends and Grace Begins.” (Hugh Lynn Cayce has spoken on that subject many times over the years.) What we call grace seems to be a point of forgiveness, accepted by the person experiencing the karma. The forgiveness may have been offered for a long time, but acceptance of it may have been delayed. The Cayce material appears to lend credence to the concept that rejection is rebellion and rebellion is sin – as is the disease, expressed as “sin lying at your own doorstep.” Acceptance, then, must be – in this format of thinking – a portion of the healing process and must be a part of the spiritual learning that an entity undergoes during the time he spends on this earth.

If karmic forces can be met in definite spiritual purposes, then the physician working with a patient with an “incurable” disease is challenged to treat such a person as an individual who may, at any moment, find that he has learned the lesson inherent in the experience. His treatment program must then have a spiritual direction, engaging the mind in the total educational process. And the physician must work patiently with those trying to overcome that which has become part of their total life experience.

When it comes to figuring out if you’re suffering because of some kind of karmic debt or illness there is a lot to take into consideration. You have to travel within and review your own thoughts and actions. Spiritual therapy might be needed depending on where you are in your life path and for some that is not easy to come by.

To learn more about karmic diseases please check out the video below. These kinds of things can present themselves as just about anything and many people overlook the spiritual side of all we come across. Sure, medical treatment is needed but perhaps also treating your spirit could benefit you in more ways than you could ever imagine.

(Image Via: Pixabay)