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While browsing the internet, looking at spiritual memes, and other internet randomness, I came across a meme that said ‘And just like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.’ For some reason, at first, I was truly puzzled by the notion- why do I need to feel empty? Why can’t I stay full? However, as the day went on, it hit me.

As someone who loves the moon, and not only gazes at it in awe at each and every opportunity I get, I also have simple rituals that I do for each cycle, one of which is the new moon. In case you weren’t sure, the new moon is when the moon isn’t visible in the sky. Its the beginning of the cycle that leads to the full and beautiful moon we see 14 days later.

And for me, it is always a time of new beginning. So, I thought to myself, ‘What if this was my new beginning?’ What if each time we lose ourselves and get lost in the ether, we were just waiting to be transcended to a new galaxy?

And in hindsight, thinking about it, it seems like each time I have thought I was lost, never to be found, I eventually was, and then things got better and better. However, just like the moon, I too must be empty and lonely sometimes, almost invisible, so that I can grow to be full, glowing and beautiful again.

If you are going through something, remember this.

We are more similar to the natural aspects in the universe than we realize, and oftentimes, we are in sync with those systems, if you truly think about it. So while I can’t say I feel full just yet- I am sure I will get there in time.