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As a strong person, you have to hold it together even when you’re falling apart. While that might not exactly be easy, it’s just how things are.

Strong people are great and they do a lot of good but they also fall through the cracks in more ways than most might realize. You see, the strong people of this world are always asking others how they are and checking on them in general but they rarely ever get the same in return. They do so much for other people that their wellbeing suffers, sure their struggles aren’t always visible but they’re more present than ever.

Strong people are expected to hold things together and are the people you turn to when you feel like the world around you is crashing down but they themselves have no one to turn to. Strong people are expected to be ‘okay’ even when they’re not ‘okay.’ They are pushed further and in some ways taken advantage of as a result. 

Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why strong people aren’t always okay and how hard that is for them in their position to deal with. Sure, they might have people to lean on from time to time but overall, they’re on their own and feel as though they must face things without help.

5 Reasons Why Strong People Aren’t Always Okay And How They Deal:

1. Strong people have a lot on their plates.

Strong people often have a lot to deal with and that can be overwhelming. Because they struggle to say no, they end up taking on more than they should. They bring themselves down in some of the most obvious ways.

2. Strong people forget how important their own wants and needs are. 

Strong people put the wants and needs of others before their own. They don’t take the things they need or want into consideration until they know everyone else is taken care of. They let themselves suffer so that others can flourish.

3. Strong people sometimes put too much into the wrong people.

Strong people tend to hurt themselves because they don’t think anyone is a lost cause. They put too much effort and time into people who do them harm and as a result have to cut ties and move on like nothing happened. They never give themselves enough time to process and it kicks them in the rear end once all is said and done.

4. Strong people struggle to face the things they’re feeling.

Strong people tend to struggle to face their emotions. When something bad happens they still hold it together as best they can, never letting others see them cry. They feel like they have to put on their ‘happy face’ and pretend even when pretending is the last thing they want to be doing.

5. Strong people refuse to speak up when they need to.

Strong people think that they need to be strong all the time and as a result, they end up hiding their feelings. Instead of speaking freely and working through things they bottle a lot. This only sets them up to feel terrible in the long-run.