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When I was with you, all you did was bring me down. At first, I thought I was doing something wrong or that you just needed more than I could offer but now I see things as they truly are.

I am glad for the lessons I learned through realizing you were not the one for me but I do regret wasting so much of my time with you. Out of everything I gave you, that time wasted is something I will never be able to get back. While you did make me feel unworthy, that did not represent any truth.

There was not necessarily a problem in me but more-so a problem in you. You did not appreciate me and you just wanted to take advantage of all I had to offer. I never felt like anything was ever good enough for you because you never showed any sense of thanks even when I was giving you all I had to offer.

You taught me what not to allow in my life and what kinds of people do not deserve my efforts. Now, because of the things I have gone through I have been able to cut toxic people out of my life and work to keep them from coming back around. I am happier now than ever because I know what I deserve and what I should never allow before me again.

I am now getting to know myself on a deeper level and putting value into my goals. I am not chasing other people and trying to make them happy, instead, I am working to please myself above all else. Thanks for the good times but they were not good enough to make up for the bad and you need to let that sink in before you try to find someone else to be with.

While I did love you, I learned through being with you that sometimes love is not enough to make things work and that sometimes people will just not better themselves. I know, I could never change you and until you decided to take your mask off, I never wanted to. In the end, we both made mistakes and I’m not going to say everything was your fault.

You liked to see me all worked up and you wanted me at my worst for whatever reasons and that’s something I cannot allow to keep going on. I was exhausted when I was with you and now that I am free, I am finally able to relax and come to terms with the things I have always been battling with inside. Just because you were with me for a long time does not mean you get to stick around forever.

Toxic people do not belong in my life and I’m not sorry if you’re upset over my cutting ties because at the end of the day, you never really cared about me much anyways. You were not the person you pretended to be and now that I’ve grown, I see that quite well.