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As we continue to move through December we’re going to see Jupiter move into the sign Aquarius on the 19th which for most of us brings intense energies forth. While we’ve been stuck in the past and working on the present a lot lately, this will be our chance to face the future and make the changes we need to make.

For those who do not know the planet Jupiter is a powerful one that rules over things like luck, higher learning, and things of that nature. When partnered with the right sign to be in, the energies this celestial body gives off can offer us a lot of progress in this world. When this planet makes its way into Aquarius, we are going to be all the wiser.

We will be offered the chance to grow and better understand where we are headed in life. Things might be confusing and we might be frustrated for a good while but overall we will be able to accomplish a lot if we put our minds to it. The more we push towards our goals while this planet is in Aquarius the more we will find success in. I know, this might sound odd but it’s well worth knowing. wrote as follows on this whole concept and the energies it offers us:

Aquarius is a very idealistic sign. It has a knack for seeing what’s wrong with the world, then coming up with unique and innovative ways to improve things. While Jupiter is moving through Aquarius, we are all gifted with this Aquarian ability to think and do things differently, and create a more ideal future. Thanks to the expanding nature of Jupiter, it’s easier to step outside of ourselves during this time to consider the needs of others in our communities, countries, and the world at large.

Jupiter in Aquarius makes us optimistic for the future. Regardless of how things look in the present moment, we know we have the ideas and solutions that will make for a better tomorrow. Instead of seeing limits we see opportunities. Instead of seeing differences we see similarities.

During Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius, we’ll find it easier to connect with other people who have the same visions as we do, so we can join forces to instigate the changes that need to be made. Jupiter is a planet that prizes learning, making this a time that we can learn a great deal from others. We want to share our own ideas with others, but we can gain even more knowledge by listening to the unique thoughts and experiences of those around us.

There is, however, a potential for philosophical extremism during this transit, if the radical tendencies of Aquarius are not tempered with compassion and respect for others’ opinions. Both Jupiter and Aquarius have a strong need to be right, and can be intolerant of differing viewpoints. We must remember that this is a time to look further than our individual preferences and privileges, and realize that we each need to be committed to the survival and well-being of the one group we ALL belong to: humanity.

As you can see we’re in the process of preparing for something very powerful and things aren’t going to go over as we want them to but instead, as the universe knows we need them to. Don’t be too scared, everything that happens here on this planet happens for a reason. We’re going to be finding ourselves during this in more ways than you could imagine.