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As we move through May we’re coming to the retrograde of Jupiter. On the 14th this marvelous planet goes retrograde and will remain retrograding until September 12th. This planet in many ways is one we all know and love but unlike the others, we’re facing right now its retrograde period is going to bring something quite positive and easier to face than expected. 

This retrograde is going to allow us all the chance to grow and come to terms with things we’ve been struggling with. We will be much happier overall and while progress will be delayed it won’t put a damper on things too terribly. This whole ordeal itself is full of reflection and will push many of us towards developing the tools we need to find success in our lives. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on some of the more powerful influences this retrograde is facing:

Sun trine Jupiter brings self-confidence, optimism, good fortune, and happiness. It encourages warm and harmonious relationships with everyone. It generally makes people more outgoing, adventurous, and enthusiastic.

This aspect has a positive spiritual influence that leads to good morals and ethics, generosity, charity, and acts of kindness. Journeys, studies, business deals, legal matters, and new relationships may provide opportunities for personal, spiritual, and material growth.

 However, the introspective nature of retrograde planets suggests the focus will be more on inner growth and spiritual development. But increased comfort, wealth, and prosperity are still possible, as well as great feelings of satisfaction and contentment.

Sun trine Jupiter could amplify the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet Jupiter in retrograde motion could also result in a retardation of growth.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto makes you focused and driven to succeed at what you are most passionate about. A mix of intense effort and good luck could give you the power and influence to make a big difference in your life. Business success, wealth, travel, a promotion at work, or a better career are just some of the possibilities.

Jupiter is one of many planets that will be retrograding at this time and their energies are going to be throwing us all out of whack. Sure, some are more positive than others, but they’re all here for their own reasons. We should work hard to remain grounded and functioning without much issue during this time. I know, things feel a bit crazy, but they will end up just fine if you remain positive and keep trying. 

For more information on how this retrograde may end up affecting you please check out the video below. We’re all heading down our own paths and things are going to be different for each of us. Are you ready for this?