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Each year, we experience many transits, with each of them serving a unique purpose. And while some happen often, others are rare. The upcoming Jupiter Neptune conjunction is extremely rare, so you don’t want to miss it.

On April 12, Jupiter and Neptune will work in conjunction under the sign of Pisces. While the Jupiter Neptune conjunction by itself is extremely rare, and only happens every 12 and a half years, when it occurs under Pisces it becomes even rarer. A Jupiter, Neptune conjunction only happens every 166 years!

When you take into consideration that Jupiter is all about expansion, and that Neptune rules over our intuition, you get a conjunction that is all about broadening your path to spiritual growth. And while that alone is intense enough, Pisces is also at play, making this an emotionally and spiritually intense time.

Due to this energetic mashup, we will likely see some revolutionary inventions, ideas, and creations surfacing during this time. If you are a creator or yearn to be, now is most definitely the time to tap into your inner artist.

Additionally, this portal is going to open up your mind in a way, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You may find that ideas come to you at rapid-fire, and that you experience revelations for your spirituality and growth overall during this time.

Another wonderful use of this conjunction is to align yourself with your higher power or higher self. Take some time to meditate, go to nature, and truly tune into yourself.

If you’ve been waiting to manifest something big in your life – don’t miss this window!!

For those of you who are lightworkers and empaths, you may be feeling especially called on to help others. Use your spiritual gifts to help, but be sure to practice cleansing rituals and smudging, so you don’t end up burned out.

With so many thoughts and energies coming at you all at once, you may struggle to stay grounded. So, practicing some grounding techniques will help, but persistence is key.

Throughout April, we should be feeling these energies, so take time to work on creative endeavors, meditate, use rituals and tune into your intuition. As long as you listen to that voice within, it will guide you through. Above all, enjoy yourself and the experience, as it won’t happen again in your lifetime.