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Jupiter is currently in Scorpio and will be there until early November. While you might not have realized this, you have most likely seen the effects already.

Jupiter is a planet of expansion. It is one that brings forth lots of power and also gives us a chance to really confront things we usually would ignore. This is a time period where anything that needs to come out will and a lot of brutal truths will shine through.

Scorpio is a very emotional sign and because of that, your innermost feelings will shine brightly. These two energies together become quite the powerhouse and force us to expand. Through this union, we can and will be forced to work through any and all complications that arise.

Jupiter has been in Scorpio for quite some time now, but as it ends things are going to get really intense. Scorpios tend to really watch things unwind from a distance and you might end up doing just that. Because Jupiter is a planet that evokes thought it will work within your mind.

You will be searching for answers in some of the most obvious places. From now until Scorpio moves forth you will be quite optimistic. Things have been a bit rough but not without reason. Don’t fight these energies, let things happen as they are going to and see where you end up.

While for some Jupiter in Scorpio brings luck and support it does not do that for everyone. This cosmic combination will bring forth real adjustments in your life and you need to be ready for them. This time period has been and will continue to spark us all within, where we end us is something that no one can truly predict. For more information on Jupiter in Scorpio and what it might mean for you, check out the video below.