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Jupiter is about to go retrograde and well, it’s something we should all be aware of. The energies headed our way are going to be changing a lot and the more aware we are of them the better.

This Jupiter retrograde begins on May 14th and will be in Capricorn. For many of us, it will be our chance to bring a bit of positivity to the table. While we’ve been stuck in negativity for a while and trying to heal, this growth will allow us to let go of some of the things we’ve been struggling to deal with. Jupiter is going to be bringing a very positive influence into our lives and that’s in many ways exactly what we’ve been needing. 

Astrology King wrote as follows about the energies this retrograde is going to bring forth:

Sun trine Jupiter brings self-confidence, optimism, good fortune, and happiness. It encourages warm and harmonious relationships with everyone. It generally makes people more outgoing, adventurous, and enthusiastic.

This aspect has a positive spiritual influence that leads to good morals and ethics, generosity, charity, and acts of kindness. Journeys, studies, business deals, legal matters, and new relationships may provide opportunities for personal, spiritual, and material growth.

However, the introspective nature of retrograde planets suggests the focus will be more on inner growth and spiritual development. But increased comfort, wealth, and prosperity are still possible, as well as great feelings of satisfaction and contentment.

Sometimes this most fortunate of aspects can cause laziness and feelings of helplessness in times of hardship. There is also the possibility that the expansive nature of both Jupiter and the trine aspect can lead to an amplification of something negative. It could be an addiction or immoral behavior.

The more we allow these energies to work in our lives the further we will get within. We all need to deal with things on our own time but this allows us to process much easier. While some of our experiences during this time will be far more intense than expected, they are all happening for a reason. We all need to take the time to really allow these kinds of celestial events to work for us. 

While they may not all last long, the time they are here is very influential and with good reason. When Jupiter does go retrograde it will be one of many and so it may be skewed a bit depending on how the others are affecting you so if you’re feeling overly heavy do not hesitate to keep yourself as grounded as possible. As the days continue to pass remember that the Universe will not bring you to anything you cannot handle if it is before you, you’re facing it for a good reason.