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Right now Jupiter is in the Sagittarius but very soon it will be in the Capricorn and from there things are seriously going to change. While Jupiter spends a long time in each sign that it moves forth into, the energies it shifts through during those time periods can be quite interesting, to say the least.

When Jupiter is in Capricorn it can bring forth some energies that are hard for us all to take in. For those who might not know Jupiter is the planet of higher learning and it pushes us to explore ourselves and ideas in new ways. This planet might not seem like much to those who don’t stop to think, but to those who work hard and are creative, it is a big influence. 

Capricorn energies are very unforgiving and peculiar at best and so when paired with the planet Jupiter, we all feel a bit out of touch with ourselves and as if breaking the mold is our best option. While we will be expanding the ways in which we do-so might really bring us to a space in our own minds where we are somehow both optimistic and closed off. wrote as follows in regards to these energies:

The expansiveness of Jupiter is restrained in Capricorn because our thoughts are limited to ideas that can actually be turned into a reality. This could put a damper on fantasies, schemes, and dreams that entertain the mind but distract from earthbound reality. Capricorn wants measurable results and is especially skeptical about unproven concepts.

We’ll see the biggest rewards when we make careful plans and stick to them during Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn. Persistence is one of Capricorn’s strengths, allowing us to overcome obstacles when we are clear about what we want and how to go about getting it. Unlike the huge leaps forward we took during Jupiter in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn is a time of moving at a more measured pace.

The moralistic and philosophical aspects of Jupiter take a conservative turn in tradition-loving Capricorn. We won’t just hope or think about things — we’ll feel the pull to take action on them. Jupiter in Capricorn delivers the greatest rewards when we don’t operate from an “it’s only business” mantra. Unbridled ambition could cause us to get ahead at any cost, but this transit reminds us that while we can go fast alone, we can go further when we work together.

The downside to Jupiter in Capricorn is that we can become more attracted to power and the people who possess it. We might chase power blindly, giving away our own control if we’re not careful. But this undermines our collective strength. Each of us is a leader with a unique perspective and wisdom that contributes to our shared well-being.

While Capricorn does restrict Jupiter in some ways, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re getting nothing but negative side effects. The more we appreciate this period the more we can learn from it and grow through it. Be willing to work with this whole ordeal and get to know yourself on a deeper level as a result.

This situation might not feel perfect but it is a chance for you to really make serious strides in moving forward. The things you want in life are not as far off as they may seem. You could be much closer to achieving your goals than you realize.