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In the past few weeks, we have all felt the power of the intense cosmic energy associated with the blood moon eclipse that took place last night. With that out of the way, many of you may be taking a huge sigh of relief, but should you be?

Jupiter and Venus are the two most romantic planets in the solar system, and when they align in Sagittarius, they can bring abundance, love, opportunity, and even positivity for our future. This cosmic event will happen all throughout this week, however, most people should be feeling its intensity most right now.

So, go ahead and take that sigh of relief, as this event will not only provide you with protective energy, but it will also bring us the tenacity to use our brains to think in the bigger picture. And with the energy of Sagittarius, if there ever was a time to take a trip with your love, now is it!

It is also the perfect time to sit back and reflect while taking care to also pamper yourself. Through the holidays, last year’s retrograde season, and then the recent eclipse, you have earned it.

But don’t forget to sage your home, your car, and really, your life in general, because clearing out the old will allow you to benefit from the coming energies!