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As we move forth through June we’re headed towards a solar eclipse. This eclipse will happen on the 21st and while not everyone will be able to see it, we will all be feeling the energies it brings forth. 

This eclipse will be in Cancer and for many of us will bring conflict within. We will be fighting for our freedom all the while not quite knowing how to express ourselves properly. If you’ve been feeling a bit impulsive lately this could have something to do with it as these energies are currently making their way here. 

As the world begins to open back up these energies are needed for us to get back to normal and well, that much we should take comfort in. This eclipse is going to be an annular one and because of that, they won’t be present as long as they would be otherwise. If we want to make the most of them we need to grab hold of them as soon as they present themselves.

Astrology King wrote as follows on these energies and what we may face as they come forth:

Solar eclipse quincunx Saturn creates an imbalance between what you want to do and what you have to do. Your freedom or self-expression may be hampered by certain restrictions and obligations.

The mix of freedom versus restriction is likely to change during this eclipse phase. So it is important to be flexible, adaptable, and open-minded as you adjusting to greater or fewer responsibilities or barriers to progress. Hard work, patience, self-restraint, and self-discipline are also needed.

You may have to take the time off work because of an illness or to look after a sick family member. As a result, your career may suffer. On the other hand, extra responsibilities may be placed on you at work that means you have to miss out on something important in your personal life.

Feeling constantly torn between competing responsibilities can also lead to increasing tension. In extreme cases, it may all seem like too much to bear, or overwork could lead to physical exhaustion or illness.

Trying to find a compromise is difficult but even minor adjustments may restore balance. Avoid wasting valuable time by procrastinating. Take one thing at a time and focus on your most important responsibility first.

While thinking things through is important during this time we shouldn’t discredit the things to come or sell them short. Finding a good sense of balance right now before things ramp-up is going to be important and help keep you grounded through the things to come. Sure, we may be facing a bit more enthusiasm than we’re used to, but we’re all going through our own things. 

To learn more about these energies and what they may hold for you take a peek at the video below. There is a lot going on in the celestial world right now and that’s only going to grow as time passes. These influences are not to be ignored, that much should be noted by all.