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As we move through June we’re going to be facing a lot of different energies. Some of those energies might bring us to a place of growth and others might make us feel like we’re falling apart.

Depending on your sign you could be seeing the positive or perhaps negative effects of this month’s celestial events and while they might not be too intense right now, as time passes they will ramp up. This month is all about change and will be bringing out the best in a lot of us. If you’ve been struggling to find yourself now is your chance to do-so.

Below I am going to go over what each zodiac sign should keep in mind that could be in store for them as this month progresses. Sure, energies are different for each of us but overall we’re going to be facing similar things based on our signs. If you’re looking for a bit of clarity perhaps this is your chance to get it.


This month you’re going to be on your toes about a lot of things. The more you work to get things done the more behind you feel like you’re getting. You’re too invested in the wrong things and it’s getting to you. Right now you need a break.


This month is going to bring you to a place of healing. You’re finally going to move on and leave the past where it belongs. While this is no easy feat, you can do it.


This month is going to push you to find yourself in a lot more ways than you would expect. You’re not content at home and it shows. Through growth, you will be able to come to terms with this and figure out a way to even things out properly. Don’t sell yourself short.


This month is going to be throwing you through the gutter. You’re going to be feeling as if nothing you do is right and you’re always messing up. The more you learn from your mistakes right now, the better.


This month might not feel too energetically challenging right now but it will be. As time continues to pass you’re going to be finding more truth about who you are where you’re headed. Success is in your grasp. If you’re ready everything will soo be falling into place.


This month is not going to be easy for you. It’s going to be full of conflict and struggle. The more you push the people around you the further away they’re going to run. You need to work through the issues at hand before you judge others.


This month is going to be heavily influenced by love for you. You’re going to be working hard to show those you care about that you care and perhaps even revealing things you otherwise would not. I know, it might not sound like a lot but the things you’re about to go through will shape how you interact with others in the weeks to come.


This month isn’t going to be too terrible for you but it will be a bit complex. You’re going through a lot right now and slowing down is imperative. The more you let yourself relax, the better.


This month is going to bring you a lot of stability for once. You are about to take a big leap in life and learn some things you never thought you would. Perhaps right now you need to keep an open mind.


This month is going to bring you a new sense of understanding. You’re going to be learning things about others that really knocks your socks off. The more you embrace these things and help those around you the more positive you’re going to be in the end.


This month might not feel intense right now but things will be getting intense quickly. You’re in for a serious reality check and it’s going to hit you hard. The more you allow others to do for you the less you’re going to gain in the end.


This month is going to be one that shows you how you’ve been treating others lately. All you’ve done will be given back to you ten-fold. The more willing you are to face the repercussions of your actions the more you will grow.