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July’s new moon is headed our way but something you should know is that there will be two new moons in July. The second will be on the 31st and with that is essentially a ‘black moon.’

Black moons do not often occur and are quite the energetic powerhouse for those of this world. They do not get as much attention as they deserve and when you actually give them your focus and work through them, you are capable of gaining a lot more than you might think. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, this double energy that is working towards us might have something to do with it.

Astro-Awakenings wrote as follows in regards to this black moon on their website:

Ordinarily, and in general terms, a new moon is a time of fresh starts: the silence from which new beginnings are born. In the darkness of a new moon, we can instinctively sense the stirring of new life and prepare to facilitate its arrival. If we’re anticipating a new start or a process of change in some area of our life, contemplating its development at a new moon can be most productive. Action is not called for at this time, but instead a quiet turning within to contemplate and nurture the roots of our burgeoning creations. These roots may take many forms from material resources to significant relationships; from a well thought-through plan to faith in a process whose outcome remains unclear. Indeed, we may need all of these and more to prepare for our next step.

The seductive darkness of a new moon invites us inward to draw from our own wisdom. Our energy levels may be relatively low and it is often best to avoid commitments that require great investments of physical energy. The natural tendency in darkness is to retreat, hibernate and rest, ready for the gradual return of the light as the moon waxes towards full. The beginnings heralded by a new moon may have gestated over days, weeks, months or years. Every new moon bears personal significance for each individual, alongside its collective influence and meaning.

A black moon is a particularly powerful new moon which augurs a significant new phase. We can use its energy to prepare for shifts in our inner and outer worlds so powerful they may change the very course of our life. Each black moon signals the beginning of a new cycle which lasts until the next black moon, two and a half to three years later, so these are powerful moments in time which can markedly influence the coming years. It is therefore wise to use their energy well!

Do not let these powers pass you by. To learn more about this black moon take a peek at the video below. During this time we should all be working to reflect and listen to our inner-selves. There is a lot more going on within our minds and bodies than we usually stop to realize.