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Beginning on July 7th, we will enter the Mercury retrograde. To make things that much more interesting we are also entering the eclipse gateway, so prepare for the unexpected, friends.

While we often read these articles, and think the worst- we have to focus on our intentions. What are we putting out? Are we truly giving our faith to the universe, fully trusting, and letting go, or are we just letting things happen as we expect the worst? Truly, the way we perceive things to happen- is the way they will.

Truly the best thing to remember during the retrograde- of both Chiron and Mercury is that honestly, mindfulness is key. Are you just saying things, or are you thinking things through first?

With the eclipse and new moon in Cancer, we could get a bit emotional and even sensitive, however, if we harness this energy, and focus it on the things Cancer truly loves- family and relationships, we could immensely benefit.

Also worth noting, is the alignment of our Sun and Sirius. While the Sun is our, well Sun, Sirius is the spiritual Sun, according to many, and its energy is said to have the ability to awaken us. If you are open, you could receive downloads, intuitive messages and even prophetic messages. During this time, you should most definitely practice divination.

Eclipse wise, we will see the one on the new moon, and then we will also encounter a…..SOLAR ECLIPSE!

This energy is so important. Don’t let it go to waste- if you are wishing for change, then it will come to you. You must it to be. Set your intentions, meditate, and truly take the time to conduct manifestation rituals. If you do, you will benefit.

Despite us seeing many of these things, especially, the Mercury retrograde as an annoyance, they are not. Actually, they can change things for the better. Be aware, be mindful, and practice the law of attraction. If you have faith in the universe you will see results. If you find yourself exploding without notice, take a step back. What drives you, and what hinders you? Be truthful.