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Despite the eclipse on being visibly in sight for certain people, mainly those in South America, we will all be feeling the immensely sensitive energy it carries. In fact, you may likely be feeling like you have taken a deep dive into your emotions that day.

For those who were born under Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and Cancer, these feeling may be especially strong. Taking place on July 2nd, the eclipse/New Moon conjunction is going to provide you with various opportunities to transform your spiritual path, if you are open to it.

New Moon energy is best for forging new beginnings and allows you with the ability to start a new chapter on your path. Typically, those who practice magic or spiritual rites will use the energy to begin anew or to start a new part of their path.

During this time, you may feel more passion in your relationships, and even grow closer to family. While your focus may have recently been elsewhere, your focus will start to lean towards the ones that matter most. It will also be a wonderful time to begin a new project or to truly hone in on your dreams.

If you have been holding back on putting in the hard work needed for a new start, now is the time to let go of your fears, doubts, and blocks, and to move forward with your projects. If you do, you should see at least a slight payoff by the time the full moon rolls around.

The eclipse we will see will be the second part of a two-year series which began last July, and it will continue into the next year, along the Cancer/Capricorn axis. If you have never had your chart done, now would be a wonderful time, as the information contained can allow you to truly benefit from the energies to come.

If your blocks lie within the authority, while this may be challenging, it’s time to truly focus on the stability within your relationships, and it may even be the best time to let go of past aggression or grudges you hold. Let go, and you will see boundless love from the universe. Take advantage of this time by trying something new, learning something new, or beginning a new project or hobby.