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It’s amazing to see Jim Carrey laughing, smiling, and joking again after his most recent tragedy, however, that isn’t the main point his speech highlights. In this short, barely two-minute short, Jim Carrey rocks the system in the most amazing way.

His “speech” takes place during the 2016 Golden Globes and in it, he makes fun of the entire system by stating that it leaves us wanting more and more. While we quest for more, we are constantly hoping to be made full, yet we never are. Instead, we lose sleep, and sanity as we constantly reach for something we may never attain.

Of course, Jim Carrey is known for comedy, and the way in which he fashions his speech will make you laugh. But, if you listen closely, and walk away continuing to think on it, you will find more. You may find some sense of inspiration by his words. While celebrities are oftentimes the last person anyone could find inspiration from, Jim gives it, you only have to listen.