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Full moons are a magical time in which our deepest needs are illuminated, and the energy of nature turns in our favor, pushing us to find resolution and allowing us to manifest our deepest desires. And the full wolf moon is going to be one of the most important moons of the year.

Each full moon is given a name or set of names, based on ancient Native American wisdom and ancient folklore. On January 17, we will experience the full Wolf moon, which is named as such because, during January, the sound of a wolf’s howl is quite prominent late into the night. Since many believe that wolves howl at the moon, the January moon was given the name the full Wolf moon.

The full Wolf moon represents transformation, rumination, self-reflection, and new beginnings. And what better time to transform and obtain a fresh start than January? Adding to this energy is the fact that this full moon is going to be under the energy of Cancer. Cancer has a nurturing type of energy and is also a highly emotionally driven sign. Due to this, we are going to be diving deep into an emotional place, while being given the ability to swim up to shore renewed, rejuvenated, and transformed.

Here is what that means for each sign of the zodiac.


During this month, you may be feeling a bit conflicted and torn, especially within your personal life. However, if you approach the conflicts with an open mind, and pause before reacting, you will find that these conflicts can be resolved. Additionally, your relationships may come out stronger because of it.


The full Wolf moon is going to be fueling your creative side. Don’t hesitate to jump into your new inspirations head first. Even better is the fact that your new creative endeavor could prove lucrative if you apply your practicality to your creative urges.


This full moon is going to be intense for you. You may begin to notice that some of the people you knew aren’t exactly what you believed them to be, which can be disheartening. However, the good thing is, it’s better to rip the Band-Aid off now than wait until the chaos got out of hand.


Because this particular full moon is going to be happening in your sign, it’s also going to be your time to shine. The intense energy of it all is going to push you inward in a truly introspective way, but with major clarity. Listen to your heart.


The full Wolf moon is going to be pushing outward and extroverted Leo into an introspective mode for some self-reflection. But, this introspection is much needed and will help you to reevaluate how you feel about the people in your life as well as your relationship with yourself.


Good news, Virgo. The full wolf moon is going to be providing you with some abundance of energy, fueling you towards new endeavors that could prove lucrative. Keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities, and don’t be afraid to reach out for what you truly deserve in life.


Inspiration is booming during this full moon for you, Libra. You will likely be feeling a creative boost, just be careful not to get so wrapped up in your art that you lose sight of yourself.


Lately, you’ve been putting everyone first and putting yourself on the back burner, but this full moon is going to be pushing you to focus on your needs now. And for good reason, you can’t pour from an empty cup.


This month will prove to be a balancing act in which you may find many highs and lows. Fortunately, the lows won’t be too low and the highs are going to be amazing. Stay focused Sag, good things are coming, you only have to make it through a few small obstacles.


During this full moon, you are going to most definitely be feeling the ‘fresh start energy.’ Take advantage of that, and set hard and fast resolutions and make a plan to follow through. If you do so, you will likely be able to kick some bad habits to the side that you’ve been struggling with.


This may end up being a trying time for you, Aquarius, as the emotional energy of Cancer is going to have you a bit upside down. You will likely be struggling with your emotions and tempted to act impulsively, be sure to stay mindful.


The full Wolf moon is going to have you feeling lucky in love. If you are beginning a new relationship, this energy may have you feeling a bit dreamy, and that’s okay, just take it one step at a time to build a firm foundation for a great relationship. If your current relationship has been struggling – now is the time to find resolution and reignite the spark.