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The year 2019 is almost here and with it’s beginning we will be undergoing quite the celestial event. There is going to be a partial solar eclipse on the 5/6th of January depending on where you are in the world.

This partial solar eclipse is going to be very charged energetically and will be something we can all learn from. For those who might not be aware a solar eclipse is something that happens during a New Moon when the moon moves between the Earth and Sun. It can cover things entirely or partially which in this case would be partial.

The energy of a solar eclipse really sways our ideas of moving forward and pushes us to reflect back. During this time we will all regardless of our signs be pushed to figure out the things in our past that need to be worked on in the present moment. We will be facing past energies that might be a bit painful but it will all help us grow in the end.

This event will be in the sign Capricorn which brings forth a sense of seriousness to each and every one of us. Capricorn energy is quite practical and very cautious which is a good thing. During the course of the energies of this eclipse and as they run their paths through you might notice an increase in pessimism and a decrease in the ability to really hold yourself back for a number of reasons.

The placement of this eclipse/new moon is going to be a bit hard on all of us. While you will be getting a chance to become more aware you are also going to be a bit afraid as time passes. There are several things holding power during this time and each one brings something interesting to the table.

Dark Astrology wrote as follows in regards to some of the aspects before us during this time:

Sun sextile Neptune can be a wonderfully glamorous, charismatic, musical, poetic and highly imaginative combination… that comes with a price! It brings a touch of the childlike trickster to already nebulous Neptune. It gives this solar eclipse January an enchanting duplicity, a kind of Peter-Pan quality. Their imagination is kooky and poetic with a surreal edge. The developing, blossoming feeling of the sextile can bring out the more deceptive qualities of Neptune however because the energies are unformed and unstable. Things can change with Neptune’s tide at any moment. It could give those touched by this solar eclipse a charming wit which lends itself to creative tale-telling! At this time we feel like excitable romantics with a tendency to worship our lovers.

Moon sextile Neptune makes one extremely devoted to our lover for the next six months, but we will need to be careful our longing to merge doesn’t leave us with no sense of self whatsoever. The solar eclipse energy will work best when we put this great devotion into an all-consuming passion, Ie; An artistic project, spiritual practice or best of all, working to transform the lives of the sick and needy. Moon sextile Neptune takes the fantasy element of Neptune and tries to build a utopia. There is a budding savior quality about it and is in tune with the common people’s hope and dreams. The nurturing side of the moon can take on a transpersonal role in mothering the world.

Do your best to hold your own during this time and allow the energies to run their course without tearing your apart. The effects of this solar eclipse will follow you for a good while so don’t close yourself off. To learn more about this and what it could hold for you please feel free to check out the video below.