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January is moving by quickly and with that, we are fast approaching the date of the full moon. This full moon will be in Leo and for many could cause a lot of conflicts.

This full moon is one that comes with a lot of aggression that if we do not work through properly could end up getting us in a lot of trouble. These energies are nothing to take lightly and the more patient you are with others during their presence the better you will come out in the end. We should all be working as best we can to control ourselves within reason. 

Astrology King wrote as follows going over some of the aspects this full moon will hold and what they may mean for us energetically:

Full Moon square Mars (1°45′) gives an insatiable need to meet your passionate desires. But dynamism and a fighting spirit can make you short-tempered. A subconscious urge to act impulsively brings danger from risk-taking. Extra care is required to avoid being hurt or causing harm.

However, holding onto anger is not wise. Try to release your heated feelings in a controlled way. Avoid being overly defensive or mean when others share their hurt feelings. But this is not easy, so some degree of emotional discomfort is to be expected, especially in intimate relationships.

Courage is needed to face whatever is causing you pain or making you feel threatened. Temper tantrums, accidents, violence, cuts, or burns, would be signs of not dealing with your emotional troubles.

Full Moon opposite Jupiter (0°12′) can make you feel happy, relaxed, sociable, and generous. But it can also bring overconfidence, lack of self-control, and immorality. The square to Mars means these less desirable effects will predominate.

Being more willing to share your feelings and less guarded about your privacy could bring embarrassment and scandal. Generosity and kindness may be seen as a weakness and be taken advantage of. Emotional discomfort, poor self-image, a questioning of beliefs, jealousy, and obsessive, excessive, or addictive behaviors are possible.

That all having been said there is also a positive side to this moon as it will be happening during something known as Venus conjunct Pluto which will bring out a more affectionate side in most of us. Sure, that might not be good for everyone because anger and other emotions don’t tend to mix well but those who do make the most of what is happening may find the strength within to sit down and talk through issues they otherwise wouldn’t. This kind of thing is all about perspective and that we need to remember moving forward. 

The more that this moon influences us the more on edge some of us may be but we can get through that and make the most of the passion that will also be present. Don’t be too afraid of the things to come but do be aware of them. If you’re feeling mad consider whether or not what you’re upset over is worth making a big scene about before you do something you will end up regretting later.