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While the days to come are a mystery overall, we do have some ideas of what to look forward to. The first of January has not been too bad and moving forward we are sure that 2021 will be looking up, right?

The month of January overall holds power from several different numbers and will be weighing on us all heavily for this reason. One of the biggest numbers present during this month is going to be the number 7 and while it’s a number full of growth and empowerment, it also has its weaknesses. Below I am going to go over what numerology is behind each date to come in 2021 for this month but excluding the year. This meaning that 1/1 for instance would be breaking down the powers of both 1 and 11.

While some of the days to come are going to be quite exciting and full of joy, we will also face our rough patches. Things are going to be getting better but sometimes they have to get worse for that in itself to end up set in place. I, for one, cannot wait to get through the things before me.

1/1 – Reflecting

This day is the one that takes place on the new year and overall will bring forth change like nothing else. It is a day that will bring forth challenges and delays but overall help us see things as they are. While hard to swallow it’s a day we need to take in slowly.

1/2 – Growth

This day overall might not be one everyone feels that they are ready for it holds the power of both one and two which can be a lot for some. Sure, it might be full of passion but it’s going to fizzle quickly. However, the things that happen are important and the earlier days of January are going to stick with us for a long time to come.

1/3 – Originality

The number three in itself is all about originality which is the theme this date holds as a whole. This day is one that will have you looking for something creative to do. Breaking the mold becomes easier when you’re actually putting forth an effort.

1/4 – Processing

On this date, most of us are going to feel like we’re thinking something through. We’re going to feel stuck and as if nothing is going to be able to get us where we want to go. Overall this is because the energies this day holds are all about trusting the process and thinking things through.

1/5 – Choices

Moving through January we are all going to be facing a lot of choices but on the 5th there is going to be a big one. You will find that there is a lot of conflict going on within your being. This conflict is something you need to work through, period.

1/6 – Looking To The Future

As someone who wants to make the most out of every day, you’re trying to focus on the future and be in the present. These things are not easy to accomplish but you can do it. Use the world around you to your advantage.

1/7 – Spiritual Connection

On the day of the seventh, you may find that you are in need of some kind of peace within. While you might not be an overly spiritual person you are yearning for something you cannot quite place. Now is your chance to really dive into something new.

1/8 – Second Guessing

This day overall is one that will help you find balance but that doesn’t mean your mind will be at ease. You will feel like you’re being pulled all over the place and in some ways you are. The more you address now the better.

1/9 – Kindness

On this day it is important to be kind to the people who matter the most to you. You never know what those in your life are going through behind closed doors. You are not the only one suffering.

1/10 – Taking Things Through

As simple as this might sound it is something most people refuse to do. On this date, if there is something you feel you need to say, say it. Do not hold back.

1/11 – Moving Forward

We all get caught up in the past sometimes but on this day you’re really going to be feeling the nostalgia. Do not let yourself get caught up in the things you haven’t done or could have done differently. You are not a time-traveler, the past cannot be undone.

1/12 – Discipline

As hard as it might be this date is all about discipline. There are things that we all overlook that we shouldn’t and well, those things may end up biting us in the rear sooner than we expect them to. Perhaps this day would be a good one for righting your wrongs.

1/13 – New Beginnings

As odd as this may sound, this date overall feels like it will be bringing out the best in us all. This date will be about renewal and change. Honestly, there could be more solutions hiding in plain sight than you are expecting to find.

1/14 – Expression

On this day we will all be feeling out of place and more willing to break the mold. That is because the number fourteen overall is one that holds a lot of personal freedom. When this number is present will want to do more and be truer to who we feel we are within.

1/15 – Harmony

On this day things will overall likely go quite smoothly. Sure, we may face smaller issues but things, in general, will be quite comfortable. It is a good day to relax and take a breather.

1/16 – Researching

On this day we will likely feel like something is missing. That something we may not be able to place right away but looking into it we will end up researching a lot to try and get to the core of things. While this is nothing too crazy overall, it may help us work within on some self-discovery.

1/17 – Abundance

This day is one that will hold great things for us all. We will be feeling as if we have everything we could ever want or need. Sure, there are still issues at hand but this day is one that makes us feel like we are truly worth the lives we live.

1/18 – Gaining

On this day we will all find new things to be thankful for. We will be gaining in many areas of our lives and really picking up on things that some may not. The more we seem to find the more we appreciate.

1/19 – Improvements

This day would be a great one to help others. You could make improvements to just about anything and come out having accomplished a lot on this date, specifically. I for one think I will be making the most of it as best I can.

1/20 – Taking Risks

This day might not be one that sounds like much but overall it’s one worth noting. Taking risks on this day could prove to actually be a good idea. The energies should be right for things to work out in your favor.

1/21 – Victory

On this day all of your efforts will begin to pay off. You will feel as if you’ve finally come out on top and things will be as you feel they should be. Sure, this might not be as fun as you’d expected but the victory in this was always yours.

1/22 – Dreams

As odd as it might sound this day is one that I would suggest pondering over dreams during but not chasing them during. It is a day that holds a lot of mystery and could end up bringing some toxic things within your inner circle.

1/23 – Blessings

Good things will come by the time the 23rd makes its way to you. This day is one that will show us what we are thankful for and what can be taken away in an instant if we are not careful. Tomorrow is not promised.

1/24 – Opportunities

We are all facing a lot of doors and while some are closing others are opening. On this day something that you’ve been waiting for is finally going to happen. Don’t hold back, take life by the reigns for once.

1/25 – Partnerships

On this day we should all be paying closer attention to the people we care the most about. If you’re in a romantic relationship remind your partner that you care. Small gestures will go far on this date.

1/26 – Desires

Start taking the initiative you need to get what you want. Now is your chance to get out there and make yourself known. If you keep spending all of your time hiding behind others, how will anyone new notice you?

1/27 – Truth

After all of this time, the truth is finally ready to come out. You’re either going to be getting some news you were not expecting or being pushed into a corner and forced to be the one giving the news to someone else. Don’t be too slow about this, sometimes ripping the band-aid off is your best option.

1/28 – Relaxation

After all, you’ve been through this whole month you need some time to yourself and a day of relaxing is something you should be taking part in. Give yourself a break and relax. You need to breathe and you can’t do it with so many people huffing down your back.

1/29 – Strength

On this day you will be forced to show your dark side in a sense. People will be bringing out the worst in you and testing your patience. While it might not sound too terrible now, it will easily be the worst day of this month for you.

1/30 – Answers

On this date, you need a lot of courage and comfort to move forth. You’ve gone through a lot as the month has unfolded and there is still more to come. Answers are making their way to you whether you’re ready for them or not.

1/31 – Completion

As the month finally ends off things will be dying down a little but still quite intense. You will be feeling as if you’ve changed a lot but are also stuck. Perhaps February will hold better things for you.