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As we move through January of 2021 we are about to face the new moon on the 13th. This new moon is going to be a very powerful one and is something we should not be overlooking. 

If you are energy sensitive chances are right now you can feel how crazy things are but also that you can see how transformative these energies are going to be. These energies will remain with us for a couple of weeks after the new moon has taken place and they will bring all of our most frustrating thoughts to the top of our minds. 

Astrology King wrote as follows about some of the energies we may end up facing during this celestial ordeal:

New Moon conjunct Pluto (1°22′) increases your personal power and ability to influence the outcomes in your life. However, your increased intensity and probing nature can lead to power struggles. You may have to deal with underhand tactics such as controlling and manipulative behavior. Paranoia is possible but it is also possible that your enemies may be plotting against you.

An ability for deep research and investigation helps you uncover secrets and get to the bottom of any mysteries. You can gain insights into any destructive behaviors such as obsessions and addictions. This is also a good time to get to the bottom of any serious relationship difficulties. Complex relationship dynamics will become clearer to you.

This new moon aspect favors transformations and soul evolution. Initially, this will involve withdrawing and taking a good look at the situation. The re-birthing process will lead to greater self-esteem. This is also a good new moon to make repairs and eliminate unnecessary clutter in your life.

New moons come along typically once a month but each one is its own power overall. Some new moons are more forgiving than others and well, this one will not be that’s for sure. While this new moon is full of growth it’s not going to be easy to handle. The more that these energies do for you, the harder you’re going to likely end up fighting against them. 

Don’t be afraid, things happen for a reason and you’re much stronger than you realize. You can get through this and anything else the universe throws your way. Believe in yourself, above all else. You are the only person who can get yourself through times like these, it might look like you’re falling apart but really you’re just starting to come together.