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If you follow astrology, then you have likely heard about two astrology transits with Uranus: the Uranus trine Mars, and the Uranus trine Venus. While this may be great news for some, others may not be living their best life this week.

For most, this week is going to provide a natural and organic flow of rejuvenating energy that will allow you to be your best self. However, for air signs, it will be something else entirely. When the Sun is in an Earth sign, those who have their Sun in an air sign endure conflicting energy and because of this, they may feel – well for lack of a better term, out of their element.

With that being said, each air sign will be dealing with their hell and for different reasons.


Gemini is typically the socialite of the zodiac, but during this time, they may be feeling the urge to withdraw. This is because Venus and Mars are currently both in Gemini’s fourth house of Home and Family. This can cause you to pull back to keep your heart safe from the outside world. Take this time to use your powers of self-expression and creativity to rearrange your home.


Currently, Venus and Mars are in Libra’s 12th house of spirituality and this is likely to cause the Libra to feel disconnected from the physical realm and possibly even lost inside their minds. Use this time for introspection and for healing your spirit.


While Aquarius is already a sign that holds deep emotions, with Mars and Venus in your 8th house of transformation, you are going to have to face the emotions and turmoil that have been following you like a dark cloud. Otherwise, you may be dealing with a whole other issue. Look inward, Aquarius! Helping yourself to work through these emotions instead of ignoring them all together will help you so much more.