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While this month is going to be overwhelmingly positive, some signs are going to be having a rough week. This week is either going to make or break all of us, and if your sign is strongly affected, you might be feeling very down and out.

The things going on in the energetic world have had us in a frenzy for a while now and since things have finally begun dying down I’ll bet you’ve let your guard down. This week is not going to be a simple one and if you are already feeling a bit overly negative chances are you belong to one of the following signs. These are the signs that should be on their toes this week. While things won’t be as bad as they could be they will really suck. Just keep in mind, all of this negativity is going to push you towards something positive, keep your chin up.


This week is going to have you really down in the dumps. You’re going to feel like your whole world has been torn upside down. While this will be hard to face, it will push you to be more yourself. You have been hiding behind a mask for too long. You really need to bring out your true self.


This week is going to bring a bit of heartache your way. While you may have been hoping for things to work out you are going to be getting a bit of bad news. This bad news is going to put you down in the dumps and leave you feeling drained as the days go by. Remember that your heart is not a dumping ground, and you need to quit being so open and giving too much to the people who don’t care about you in the ways they say they do.


This week is going to begin good but ends badly for you. You are going to be financially unstable in more ways than you have ever been before. This could come in the form of losing a job or some kind of banking issue, but regardless, it is going to set you back. While you will be prepared for this, you’re going to be feeling really stressed while it gets worked out.


This week is going to be painful for you because it is going to push you to resolve issues in your life that are hard for you to face. Everything you have been putting off for so long is going to be coming to a head and well, exploding. This will be a stressful week but in the end, you will come out feeling like you have accomplished a lot.


This week is going to be making you feel like you are being taken advantage of. If you ignore this feeling things will only get worse. Whatever is weighing heavy on your heart needs to be worked through. Stop wasting your time and cut people out of your life who aren’t supporting you properly.

(Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash)