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We all know who Edward Snowden is, the NSA whistleblower has in the past revealed so much to the public that he has been in Russia to keep from being put in prison here in the US. Between 2013 and 2014 Snowden made us all aware that the NSA was collecting data through backdoors and how computers in places like Hong Kong were being hacked.

For a proper timeline of things Snowden revealed to the public please click here. Many of these things were important for us to know and others many feel should get him jailed. That having been said until recently we had not heard much from Snowden throughout the past few years. Snowden just five days ago appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience. This is a very popular podcast that many people watch and the interview carried out with Snowden was quite amazing.

Within this podcast, Rogan and Snowden talk about the position Snowden ended up in as he was working for the government and how much access to classified information he truly had. While Snowden was in a huge position of power, he for his own reasons decided to become a whistleblower and his life has not been and never will be the same as a result. According to Snowden, since 2001 the US government has been working on programs that record and archive the conversations each of us have which is in many ways quite concerning.

Snowden within this podcast makes many claims that will blow you away and while the interview is a bit long, it is something well worth watching. At almost three hours long, it is hard to take your eyes off of. Snowden once a CIA employee was skyped into this podcast and clearly still has a lot more to share with the world. It seems there is a lot more going on within the CIA and regarding the public than we will ever truly know.

If you like conspiracy theories, or want to know more about what the government here in the US could be doing this interview is one you will without a doubt want to take the time to view. If you want to learn just how your phone functions even when it’s off, listen to Snowden speak below. He claims that unless you take the battery out of your phone, you are still being heard.