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We all go through this kind of thing at one point or another in our lives. Seeing someone you love or loved move on or do better with someone else is always painful.

While you might say you wish them well and you don’t want to be with them, that doesn’t mean that seeing them living their lives as if you never happened isn’t going to hurt. This doesn’t mean you want them back or that you’re not able to move on but it does mean there are things within you need to deal with. It signifies that you’re still carrying some baggage with you from that relationship and perhaps you should work on that.

This was someone you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. You wanted to make a home with them and be by their side forever. Sure, things went wrong along the way but that doesn’t change the fact that you two spent a lot of time together. You are not alone in this, it is normal to feel this way sometimes.

After you part ways a lot of questions may come up, you may wonder if things could have been different or if perhaps later in life you two could make things work. You might ask yourself if there was more you could have done or if the person that they are with now is better than you even though they are not. Life is not always easy and accepting that they’ve moved on even if you already have yourself isn’t going to be easy.

You may find that part of you still longs for this person and dealing with that isn’t going to be something that happens overnight. It is something you must heal from on your own and from there really work to find yourself properly again. When we spend a long period with someone, we change and we become more of who we are with them than who we would be without. Figuring out who you are once all is said and done might not come as naturally as you would like for it to but it will come in time.

Time heals all wounds and you need to let that sink in properly. You have grown so much and that is only going to continue as the days move forth. Sure, your ex might be happier with someone else now but you can also be happier be it on your own or with someone new. You don’t have to just jump into something to help keep your mind busy, do what you think is best.

Yes, it is hard to go from being so close to not speaking at all or turning entirely into strangers who don’t even look one another’s way when in passing but that lesson is one that will take you far in life. You are facing lots of opportunities now that you’re working to better yourself and in time, you will feel better. In time, seeing him/her with someone else won’t sting so deeply, I promise.